Why Is My Website Not Converting Well And How Can I Fix It?

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Business owners want the very best from their marketing effort and it is disappointing when all your hard work building a fabulous, UX friendly, optimised website lacks conversions.

Web development and the channels that website can be sourced from are continued areas for optimisation. User trends change regularly, Google algorithms change regularly, products stocked or services offers may also change. As such it is imperative, as website owners, that we keep up-to-date with all the latest’s changes, to ensure demand is met confidently.

Here at SocialB, we want to help small, medium and large organizations, and we get many questions such as, ‘why is my website not converting well and how can I fix it?’

Check out our 5 recommendations to answer the question, ‘why is my website not converting well and how can I fix it?;

 1. Quality Traffic

Traffic to a website can come in many forms and this is where your target audience should be reached. What does your ideal customer look like? Who are they and where are they now? Does the demographics match that of your Facebook fans? Or is it more a B2B audience you are looking to target?

Have you used the Google Keyword Planner to research your potential audience and the demand in search volumes? This will support your SEO and content strategy.

 2. Landing Pages

Where is your traffic landing on your website? Are these the best pages for conversion? For example, a PPC ad for a shoe retailer would want people who are searching for ‘red shoes’ to land on a page about ‘red shoes’, rather than a page about shoes in general. Make sure your landing pages are specific and targeted to the audience being gained.

3. Content

Do you have enough content on the page? What does the content talk about? Is it relevant, compelling and of quality to the reader? Is it optimized for SEO?

There needs to be a balance in the amount of content used. If you are a service and your answering a question in a blog post, then this content might be longer than that used to showcase a product.

4. Call To Action

Have you asked for what you want? It might be ‘Shop Online’, ‘Enquire Today’ or ‘Contact Us’. Whatever it is you want to convert, a clear call-to-action should be included.

5. Checkout Process

People buy online because it can often be quicker than a phone call or store visit. Keeping this in mind, how easy is it to make a purchase or conversion on your website? Have you tried the process from a consumer point of view? What elements of the process do you get frustrated with and could consumers also find it difficult? If so, work to shorten and simplify the process.

Taking all the above on board its important to think about your website as if you were the consumer, would you buy/convert from it? Testing is also imperative test small changes over a period of time to assess impact if any.

If you have any questions about your website, or you need a little advice, tweet us @SocialBuk

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