Why Now Is A Great Time To Start Your 2015 PPC Plan

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Oct 2014 by Carla
Paid Search (PPC)

It’s never to early to forward plan your PPC strategy and 2015 is less than 12 weeks away!

Forward planning is a must in marketing and ensuring your PPC strategy fits with your business objectives, plus the demand at that time of year is imperative for success.

Research is a big part of building a PPC Strategy. What’s in demand? What were the success stories of the previous year and what as a business this year do you have to shout about that makes you have the competitive edge in the search space? It’s also important to research new opportunities. What didn’t you do last year that you can do this year?

Depending on the size of your account, it could take some time to finalise research stages, followed by building required additional activity into the account.

Excel (or its equivalent) is going to be your friend at this time, in partnership with Adwords Editor. Download your current account structure from Adwords to Excel, make your changes whilst being considerate to current activity and then upload the changes. It’s suggested this is performed on a campaign to campaign bases, rather than by making large account bulk uploads in case of errors (it also helps manage work load).

Ensure new changes are scheduled to start at the appropriate time or paused ready to go active as and when.

Testing the changes or additional activity could be another great idea before the actual campaign comes round to going live. Use a percentage of your audience to test what works well and what doesn’t. Use the success areas when the campaign goes live. The ads with the stronger CTR, pull negatives from search query reports, pull placements from the display network reporting, tweak keyword match types where appropriate, tweak budgets if needed. How is the quality of those landing pages, do they need work?

Building a PPC strategy is not a guessing game and research and testing must be two stages of the planning process. Give yourself and your brand the time it needs so that the PPC strategy you build has the best chance of success.

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