Why photos and video content are loved by the agri industry

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veal-286826_640You know the old saying: “An image is worth a thousand words”. If we take this into social media, we can even say it is worth even more!

Images and video are not only the type of content that attracts more people in social media channels, but it also has higher rates of engagement and interaction too.

Using images and video is a great way to deliver valuable information to your audience, and in the Agriculture industry in particular this is very true.

Nowadays people are fascinated (even obsessed) with knowing where their food comes from, how it is harvested, delivered, etc. There are hundreds of social media discussions around these topics and here’s where images and video are loved by the industry:

1. Transparency

One of the hot issues of the agriculture and food industry is being honest and transparent to their end consumers.

Through images and videos, farmers can show exactly what happens at their farms at different times of the year. Since social media is nowadays extremely visual, people can match these images and videos with their own concerns about food and even gain trust about a specific farmer.

Being transparent about how the whole process happens at a farm is key to any farmer using social media.

2. Engaging people

Farmers that are transparent and use images and videos to reach and connect can reap the benefits of it: engaging their audience.

Because people can really see and watch what’s happening in that particular farm, they can relate and gain trust in a particular farmer. This is key not only to get customers but also to get awareness and influence in the industry.

Even a farmer that is miles away from its end consumers can create such close and strong relationships through sharing images and videos that their audience is able to feel like they’re actually there!

3. Influence opinions

Food is an extremely hot issue, and people with firsthand experience can leverage that through using images and videos to influence the public opinion.

98.5% of the population aren’t in food production but are eager to know more and have their own opinions about the origins of food and today’s practices about what’s really happening.

Using images and videos can help influence people’s opinions and even change their complete mindset. It’s one thing to have a blog post about how vegetables grown, other thing is to really show people how it happens!

4. Discussions!

Images and videos that encourage discussions are a massive opportunity for farmers using social media!

The agriculture industry loves to discuss hot topics, especially if they have different opinions. The weekly Twitter chat #agchat that takes place every Tuesday night have nearly 10,000 people from 10 countries that have attached the hashtag to their tweets or joined in to discuss and share ideas around food and farming.

Sharing images and videos that encourage discussions and have these relevant hashtags is a good way for farmers to sit on the table and respond to questions, countering the misinformation campaigns around food, fuel, feed or fiber.

Over to you

Using images and video is a massive opportunity for the Agriculture industry using social media. Are you taking advantage of that? Let us know in the comment section below.

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