Why The Agriculture Sector Should Embrace Social Media

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agri blog imageAgriculture is a sector in which, traditionally, marketing has been dominated by offline media such as newspapers, television and magazines.

However, times have changed, and both the online and Agri worlds have evolved. These days, the agriculture sector has a strong social media presence, and is beginning to use social media marketing as a way of communication.

So, why should you consider embracing social media to market your Agri business?

1. Connect with customers and potential customers

Nowadays, food is one of the biggest subjects being discussed across social media networks. People want to know so much more about there food. Where it comes from, how it is produced and they want to know that it is ethically sourced. So much so, that there is a lot of controversy across mainstream media about it.

This is why Social Media Marketing provides an amazing opportunity for the agriculture sector to connect with the thousands of people interacting and talking about food, farming and nutrition, among other themes.

It is the perfect opportunity to join in the discussions and provide valuable answers to real questions that people are asking online. This helps create strong relationships with customers and potential customers.

2. Engage with influencers and activist groups

There are hundreds of influencers and activist groups in any and every sector, using social media to communicate and to express their views. This is particularly so in the agriculture and food sector.

As a farmer or an agriculture business, reaching out to engage with these influencers and groups could well be the best online move you ever make. Creating strong relationships with these influencers can be the best form of marketing available – as the name suggests, these influencers and a lot of sway amongst others in your industry, and people begin to trust their judgement on industry matters. If they feel positively towards your brand or business it can really help develop your business in the long term.

This help can come in any form, big or little. It could be that they share your content, or perhaps include you in their blog. This will help you to reach a wider audience and position you in the right place at the right time.

3. Brand awareness

This is crucial for every business and brand in existence. In the Agri sector this is especially important, as your product or service is likely to be much more niche than the brands covered in mainstream offline media, for example if you’re a farmer in a remote area of the country.

Social media allows you to share your brand and make the right people aware of your business and products. As it is so readily available (and free) it is a way to reach a wider audience and potential new customers without the need of travelling great distances, all with just the click of a button.

4. Be seen as an expert

As mentioned above, social media is a great form of media for sharing valuable information to your audience. The great thing about social media over other media is that you can ‘listen’ to the conversations surrounding your industry or brand, and answer the questions that people are actually asking, rather than having to guess what people want to know.

In knowing and sharing this information, you are portrayed as knowledgeable and trustworthy. The more transparent and honest you are, the more you can be seen as an expert in your field.

This will hopefully translate in more people sharing your content on social media, approaching you, wanting to buy from you or use your services.

5. Be always on top of news

It is becoming more and more common for people to use social media as a news source. It is easy, mobile and always up-to-date. As such, it is a good place to search and read the latest news on the agriculture sector, which is always important for your business. This is great for both you marketing yourself, and for you keeping up with your industry.

Simply by following the right industry influencers on social media you have everyday access to all the latest news and you will always know what’s happening in the agriculture sector.

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