Why You Should Have A Business Page On Google Plus

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A normal Google Plus profile can only be created by a real person. Google has made it quite clear that anyone creating a normal profile for a business will have their account removed. That is the first and most important reason why you should have a business page on Google Plus as part of a social media strategy.


One of the best things about Google Plus is that you can separate your followers into circles. This means that if you only want to target people in a certain demographic or location then it’s easy to do just that.

You can even target people based on which area of the brand they are interested in, this is especially important for businesses that offer a wide range of services or products.

Deeper interaction

It might be annoying when you realise you can’t just add anyone to a circle. They have to add your page first but once they do, you can circle them back. This means you can comment on their posts, +1 anything you find interesting and share their thoughts with the rest of your followers.

This is great for customer engagement and it’s something that sets Google Plus apart from Facebook.

Search engine results page

If you link your Google Plus page to your website, you will become more visible in the SERPs. Not only will your website show up but there will also be a link to your Google Plus page along with your image or logo.

Google also indexes all of its pages so when you share content, link back to your website or +1 something it all has SEO benefit.

The +1 button

You can add a +1 button to your website or on each blog post you create. When someone hits that button they are effectively recommending that page to their friends.

If one of these friends searches Google for something relevant to your website or blog post then it is likely to show up on the results page, even if it wouldn’t normally. Google sees these recommendations as favourable so having a page that’s connected to your website can really benefit your SEO.

Google Plus users are active

Even if you have loads of followers on Twitter and a huge amount of likes on Facebook, a lot of those people will never see what you are posting. Perhaps they don’t log on enough, or maybe they just follow too many people.

Google Plus is different because 80% of the users on there will log in once a week and 60% log in every day. This means that what you are posting is more likely to get seen by the people you’ve already connected with.

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