Why Your Whole Team Would Benefit From Social Media Training

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There are so many reasons why your whole team would benefit from social media training – but here are my highlights.

Spread the work – undertaking all social media responsibilities for a business is a huge job. Some small businesses will add these responsibilities on to an employee’s already busy week without realising how labour-intensive it is to do it right. Planning and launching a successful social media campaign is time-consuming and everyone will be expecting big results because of the time you have put in. The pressure is on.

Relieve this pressure and spread the work amongst as many employees as you want. This way you are covered for absence and holidays and not adding all of the responsibility to one person.

The danger of having too many people involved in your social media activity is potential inconsistency. Your brand image and tone of voice is extremely important – will you be fun and light-hearted or corporate and serious. Your MD may want all content very professional but you know that Carol in HR is partial to a funny cat video… This is the risk you take by giving people the power without a plan.


Planning is crucial – Planning your social media activity is crucial to gaining traction in the social sphere. This plan will encompass everything from your brand tone of voice through to the campaigns you will be focussing on in the coming month(s). This plan should be clear enough so that a new employee could pick it up, understand it and deliver it. Example posts are really useful so that employees can see the type of content you are looking for. Getting input from your team at the planning stage will increase their engagement and give you more ideas from the start.

Build your team’s confidence – many of the teams we provide in-house social media training for are looking for the confidence to post content without seeking approval. Praise the team members who write good blogs and social media posts. Encourage your team to make engaging content like taking pictures in their lunch breaks or in the office – keep things professional but your customers want to know the people behind the brand too. Begin with a fool proof plan but remember to highlight good work – the rest of your team want to know what works well too!

With any task, 2 heads are better than one but why stop there? Decide who you want to be involved in your company’s social media or ask for volunteers. Training for the chosen few is key. As much as your employees may be confident using social media for personal use, using it for business is vastly different. The team’s skills are likely to be varied and you need everyone to understand it thoroughly. All of our social media courses can be hosted in your offices – for you and your team. Work together to set the strategy and ensure that everyone understands what is expected from them.

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