Will Your B2B Company Benefit From Using Social Media?

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One day social media courseMany companies think of social media in the context of B2C companies since 4 in 10 consumers buy products that they’ve favourited, liked, tweeted or pinned on various social channels.

But according to a recent study, 87% of B2B companies are using social media channels in their marketing efforts.

If you’re a B2B company and are not using social media in 2014, you’re missing great opportunities to connect with your desired audience and get new potential leads. Remember, even if you’re a B2B company you’re still dealing with people. People can find, research and get to trust you through the use of social media sites such as | Linkedin and Twitter.

So, what are the great benefits of social media marketing for B2B?

Brand awareness

Social media is a great valuable tool for B2B companies to create brand awareness of their products and services, especially if they’re not a very well-known brand, or who are just starting up.

By having a tailored social media strategy and providing valuable content to their audience, they can become known pretty quickly. Showcase your expertise through the content you deliver and remember that even in the B2B sector, people are still looking for solutions to their needs and issues.

Starting the sales process

70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before clients are willing to talk to a sales person. This reinforces the importance of a social media presence for B2B companies.

A new client may have already read information about you on social media and have decided to like you prior to talking to one of your sales representative. This has the benefit of speeding up the sales process.

Make sure you include calls-to-action in your profiles and content for your sales representatives to pick up the leads.


All B2B companies know that networking, word-of-mouth and recommendations are key to their business.

Buyers and potential leads are searching for information inside of social networks as well as asking their peers for recommendations and advice across social media. So social media is a great place to network and to stay on top of during this decision making process.

You can even start off by making a list of potential businesses that you’d like to work with, and then find where their social media presence is strongest.

Knowing more about your audience

By using a listening platform like Radian6, B2B companies can find, listen and analyse the discussions around their industry and products. This knowledge can help them engage and add value to those conversations.

It can also be valuable for creating new content and for sales people to be able to engage through social media and drive sales strategies.

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