You Have A Good Social Media Strategy. Are You Executing It Well?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 10 Feb 2014 by Lynsey Sweales
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Having a good social media strategy in place is a great starting point, but social media marketing success doesn’t happen overnight and will only be successful if you execute that plan in the right way.

The popularity of social media and the numerous different platforms now available makes social media hugely competitive.  Businesses are bombarding audiences with information, products, services, offers, incentives, photos, infographics and so the list goes on.

Get the most out of your social media strategy and take a look at these tips and see it you can tick them off your to-do list.

Find your audience

  • Are you talking to the right people?  If your content isn’t working and not getting results, are you producing content for the wrong people or using the wrong social network.

Post regularly

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly?  It depends on time and resources available, the social network and audience, but keep it regular. No one will go back to a blog if the last post was months ago.

Tailor your content

  • If you distribute the same content to several social networks, make sure you tailor accordingly. Shoveling out exactly the same is nearly always a mistake; small tweaks can make the difference.

Ask questions

  • The old adage if you don’t ask you don’t get applies here.  Ask your followers what they think and you might be surprised at the answers.


  • If you ask the question you have to listen to answer, and as a result make some changes.


  • If you have a local business recognise this.  Geographic location can really influence what content works and what doesn’t adapt as necessary.

Use images

  • Social media is all about the visual, where possible use photos and pictures to attract your audience’s attention.

Mix up your content

  • The 80/20 rule is a good one to follow here, 80% of posts should be fun, entertaining and engaging whilst 20% dedicated to your business, services, offers and products.


  • Do you monitor what they are doing?  See what works for similar businesses on the same and different social media networks to the ones you use.

Remember, a social media strategy is a working document and with such a fast changing environment you need to measure, review and adjust continually to achieve your targets and execute your social media plans the right way.

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