Is Your Personal LinkedIn Profile Up To Scratch?

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DeathtoStock_Creative Community7So, your company page is looking great, everything is filled out correctly and the page is performing well. But what about the personal LinkedIn profiles of the employee’s who represent the company, what about your personal LinkedIn profile?

A LinkedIn profile is not just for recruitment, it is a powerful networking tool and it is just as important to showcase your own LinkedIn profile, as it is your company. After all, each employee is another face for the company and a half filled out profile will reflect against you and your company.

Here are our top tips to making sure your LinkedIn profile is in tip-top shape!

Select a good profile photo

Use a high-resolution photo of yourself and make sure it accurately reflects your professional attitude (think about what you wear to work on a daily basis and present yourself this way). Keep the image just to yourself; don’t use a photo of yourself in a crowd or with others, as this will only confuse people to who you are. Most importantly, make sure the image is focused on the whole of your face, no side profiles or looking down in photos. A confident full-face photo will project exactly that!

Have a complete profile

It may sound like an obvious one but fill out everything you can on your profile! “Each chance to fill out a piece of your professional image – where you went to school, where you’ve worked – offers the chance to show what you could do in the future”, said Dharmesh Shah, founder of Hubspot, and also a big LinkedIn Influencer.

Make sure to add relevant past jobs, and any key tasks you used that are relevant to the industry you work in now. If you are a social media marketer, who used to work as a shop assistant in retail but updated your store’s social media on the side, then state so! Also, make sure to check that the headline underneath your name reflects your current job, as this will automatically default to your last job, so remember to update in your settings!

Be active in relevant LinkedIn groups

Make sure that you are active amongst groups, and also in your own LinkedIn updates, but remember to keep information straight to the point. The posts that work well on LinkedIn hold valuable facts, analysis and helpful information. Remember, it is always important to think about your companies brand values when writing an update or engaging in debate. Be careful when expressing strong opinions and don’t say anything that you would not say in front of your boss!

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