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YouTube Tools You Should Use, But Probably Don’t

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 03 Apr 2018 by Simon Badman
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On our courses, we simply love training businesses and organisations on how to use YouTube and use it more effectively.

And there’s a good reason for this as in 2018 YouTube is still the most actively used social media platform in the UK.

It’s a great place for businesses and organisations to connect their content with their audiences.

YouTube has also changed the way in which we view video content. Because of this incredible platform, we now watch shorter videos online and often only partially watch them.

Most users who create videos for their YouTube Channel probably aren’t aware that the platform has some incredible tools built-in, that lie beyond the upload button. Here are two of our favourites, plus news of a revamped tool that’s currently being tested.

Free Music and Sound Effects

One of the biggest considerations for any successful video is music. Whether it’s choosing an appropriate song for intros and outros, or having a soundtrack playing throughout your film, barriers will include copyright and cost. For a number of years, YouTube has been creating a remarkable database of songs and sound effects, we’re talking in the range of 150K plus royalty-free tracks that you can download and use on your videos, often without having to provide credits for the music.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve noticed that YouTube is adding new tracks on a regular basis, all incredibly high-quality and diverse enough to create the atmosphere that you want for your video.

These can be accessed by logging into your YouTube channel (you’ll need one if you haven’t got one for this) and selecting Creator Studio and then Create to open the Audio Library:

youtube free music library

To navigate your way through this vast library simply click on the drop-down menus to select music by genre, mood, instrument, duration and attribution i.e. whether you must give credits or not to the composer.

These tracks can be downloaded and added to your video in video editing software, or for background music, simply add them when editing your video details in your YouTube Channel. The tracks are available by clicking on the Audio tab:

youtube free music - soundtrack

For any business or organisation without large marketing budgeting, we think YouTube’s offer of free high-quality music shouldn’t be ignored.

Live Streaming

Over the last two years it feels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are getting all the limelight when it comes to video features and functionality. Rarely does YouTube even get mentioned in discussions about live streaming options and they’ve been offering the service since 2013.

Whether you’re on desktop or smartphone, YouTube live streaming means that you can film events, interviews, or simply talk to the camera. This can be done either on the go with the mobile app, or professionally through video equipment connected to your PC.

youtube live streaming

All you need to start live streaming is an account in “good standing” and the ability to verify that account by receiving an automated phone message or text code from YouTube.

youtube live streaming

Once set up, you can live stream for up to 8 hours, compared to up to 4 hours on Facebook Live.

YouTube Studio

YouTube is trialling YouTube Studio, which is currently available in beta. As well as a smartened-up interface, navigation is a lot easier around sections, but several key features are yet to be included. So, while the new interface looks great we’re sticking to its classic edition at present.

youtube studio

So, YouTube has some great offerings beyond the upload button to consider, whether it’s improving your videos with high-quality music or broadcasting live to your audience.

We’d love to hear what you use; do you use YouTube’s built-in tools, or do you use third-party resources for your video production and promotions?

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