Zoopla Property Power 100 #ZZP100 – How To Be Part Of It!

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Zoopla Property Power 100 #zpp100 is populated from Twitter and ranks Estate Agents based on how influential they are on Social Media. In the future, Zoopla Property Power hopes to pull the rankings from more sources, making now a prime time to get involved.

So what does inclusion in the Property Power list mean?

Zoopla is a comprehensive property website, empowering users with the resources they need to make informed decisions when buying or selling property. With over 20 million visits a month, the site is incredibly influential in the property industry. As an estate agent, being recognised by Zoopla Property Power can give your brand a huge boost, giving consumers faith in your brand and getting you coverage where you most need it.

So how can you get included on the Zoopla Property Power 100?

The list is currently drawn from Twitter, so to be on it you must be active on that site. The Property Power list is derived from general activity on the site, and some of the signals include:

  • Retweets – Exposes your content to followers networks
  • Mentions – People wanting to directly communicate with you
  • List Memberships – Being included on lists means being considered relevant and influential to the curators and followers of that list
  • Followers – The size of your network means a higher level of exposure for your content
  • Replies – Demonstrates your comments are engaging and encourage communication

However, there are different degrees of influence that determines the Property Power list ranking. To give example, whilst follower count is a factor – Zoopla openly favours engagement over the size of the audience.

You can join for free today on the Zoopla website to be considered for the Property Power list, or speak to the experts at SocialB – one of the UK’s leading providers of social media training. SocialB could help your brand to get noticed on social media, opening up channels of communication between you and potential clients.

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