Case Studies (old)

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Complete Financial Training Website

Complete Financial Training

Project: Full Digital Services


Key Aims: Increase bookings and enquiries on physical training and e-learning courses.

Services: SEO, PPC, Content and CRO


  • Website visitors now view 3.15 pages instead of 1.82 pages each (73% improvement)
  • Visitors now spend on average 3 minutes on the website, as opposed to just over 1 minute a year ago (214% improvement)
Modul-System Website


Project: Website redesign consultancy & integrate with their AX internal system (as part of a larger international digital project (12 websites))


Key Aims: Increase business (leads and business revenue) across all locations

Services: PPC, SEO, CRO


  • Though still in the early stages of an international website launch, the websites have already gained 700 enquiries over 12 websites and a 12% increase in year-on-year traffic, which is still on the rise.


Project: Generating leads & business opportunities


Key Aims: Create enquiries/business for their bespoke Fume Cupboard services

Services: SEO, PPC and Content


  • Over £800,000 worth of leads (2 worth £200,000-250,000 each) within one month.
  • They had previously not generated any leads/business opportunities via any digital channel.  From the work we have delivered, they have generated profitable business PLUS and more importantly generated a huge amount of very valuable leads for fume cupboards.
ISG Fume Website

ISG Fume

Project: Generating leads & business opportunities


Key Aims: Create enquiries/business for their custom Fume Cupboard service

Services: SEO, PPC and Content


They had previously not generated any leads/business opportunities via any digital channel.  From the work we have delivered they have generated profitable business PLUS and more importantly generated a huge amount of very valuable leads for fume cupboards. This has led us to build a new lead generation website drawing upon our experience with the client.

Leading Soya Brand

Project: Influencer Outreach

Key Aims: Increase awareness of the health benefits of soya and a plant-based diet in the UK. Targeting key Health Care Professionals.

Services: LinkedIn Ads


  • 48% conversion rate on sign-ups to their newsletter over 6 weeks
Palmers Department Store Client Logo


Project: Generating profitable sales


Key Aims: Make their online business profitable and then grow in line with business objectives

Services: SEO, PPC & CRO


  • Average year-on-year revenue growth of 43%
  • They had previously been using an agency that was very expensive and also didn’t measure based on profit margins
Sukin Website


Project: Influencer Outreach


Key Aims: Increase awareness in the UK by targeting key influencers with skin problems (including parents) e.g. eczema.

Service: Social Media Management (bloggers plus Twitter & Facebook Management)


  • Increased traffic to the website by 100%
  • Increased brand awareness in the UK market through targeted blogger outreach
  • Increased UK store coverage (Holland & Barrett UK) by creating demand through consumers (on Twitter) from 30 to 90 stores
Ottobock Website


Project: Social Media Audit


Key Aims: Reviewing all social channels to improve engagement, visibility and targeting. Wanted to focus on telling a story. Looking at how to find influencers and grow their followers on the relevant channels.

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


  • 42% increase in avg. engagement month-on-month, 14% increase in page likes within first 3 months of actioning audit. Increase engagement and actions from Paid Ads across social media.
Visit Europe Website

Visit Europe


Key Aims: Identify and recoup the 80% loss in website traffic plus increase traffic for new audiences

Services: Consultation and Social Media Audit


  • Identified & recouped 80% of their traffic within 2 months.
  • Identified through international SEO work their audiences (Russia, Japanese, US, UK and Catalan Spanish) wants and needs to provide them with content ideas, suggestions for the website.


“It is with great pleasure that I am recommending SocialB as the services provided have been delivered in an outstanding and efficient manner”

Tillyard Website


Services: Website Redesign & Build


Key Aims: Generate Phone Calls & Contact Form Submissions

Platform: WordPress CMS

Totally Dynamic Website

Totally Dynamic

Assets/Activities: SEO


  • Increased traffic to the website by 500%
  • Reduced the PPC costs to zero
  • Enabled them to expand and open further centres around the UK


“In the past we have found web optimisation companies to be much of a muchness, however, since we switched our business to SocialB we have seen a giant leap in the number of visitors we receive month on month. 12 months ago our website averaged around 5,000 visitors per month, since using SocialB this has increased to in excess of 30,000 per month.

Salary Finance Website

Salary Finance

Project: Employee-facing Campaigns. Working across selected companies, SocialB were tasked to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn platforms, aiming to increase awareness and overall buy-in to the services offered.


Key Aims: SocialB has supported this employee centric organisation to raise the profile, and advertise its services. The campaigns included A/B testing to ensure success, as well as in-depth lead tracking in order to compile data driven reports.

Platforms: LinkedIn & Facebook


  • Working beyond the campaign brief, Salary Finance allowed SocialB to use experience and expertise to not only support the project itself, but also make recommendations for landing pages and to improve overall user experience, all whilst running a quality campaign which met the client criteria.
  • Salary Finance saw success from the campaigns, having increased engagement on social media, and an overall rise in enquiries across the board – traffic which can all being tracked back to to the campaign posts themselves.
TROY London Website

TROY London

Brief: SocialB has supported this e-commerce focused business to promote themselves online by first of all putting in place a digital strategy to help the business grow and increase revenue through the website.

Services: SEO, PPC, Paid Social Advertising and CRO


  • By assessing the current performance of the website, we have been able to capitalise on the opportunities and improve rankings for a number of key terms to drive relevant traffic to the products.
  • Updates to the website and abandoned basket emails also led to a 38% increase in conversion rate within the first few months of work.
  • Paid advertising campaigns on social and search converted to help the client achieve their revenue targets and increase social media following and brand awareness.

A Well-Known Chocolate Brand (FMCG)

Assets/Activities: Facebook community set up and management


  • Built a new Facebook community of more than 50,000 fans in just 8 weeks
  • Increased brand awareness and engagement to the specific audience keeping the brand in the “top of their minds”
  • Increased traffic to the website by 40%

East of England Tourist Attraction

Assets/Activities: Facebook community management


  • Facebook had a 1.5% engagement level – very low
  • Wanted to drive awareness and footfall to attraction over November & December
  • Increased engagement on Facebook by 94%
  • Increased traffic to the website by 795%
  • 40% sales increase compared Y/Y was due to Facebook

Online High-End Office Furniture Company

Assets/Activities: Google penalty recovery and SEO


  • Got their website traffic and key terms back to the levels before they were hit by Google
  • Increased the number of sales by 109%

North Norfolk District Council

Assets/Activities: Advertising on Facebook


  • Through targeted segmentation, a range of adverts with relevant imagery and content were set up
  • Click through rate of over 4%
  • Reached 16,000 targeted people
  • First sports session sold out within a week – before any of the traditional media had even gone to print
  • Small budget but big success campaign delivery
  • Ongoing client

Website Design Case Studies


Project: Website redesign, build & integrate with Salesforce


Key Aims: Raise awareness of the BIC code database & through complex integration with Salesforce allow people to register and look up BIC and LoCodes

Platform: WordPress CMS

Success/Impact: High level of usability, high level of measurability and understanding of their audiences


I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved for their hard work and in some cases, very long hours, in making this project a success.  I have been involved in quite a number of software launches, and it really is extraordinary what we have accomplished in such a short period. Thank you all for your dedication and excellent support of the BIC”

Quilts of Denmark Website

Quilts of Denmark

Project: Website build and ongoing digital retained work for e-commerce client.


Key Aims: Generate direct revenue from B2C website sales whilst supporting retailers selling the products. Website built with futureproof template for both brand additions and international expansion.

Platform: WordPress/Woocommerce


  • Website recently launched but client has already generated leads B2B leads from new website.

Training Case Studies

RYA Website

Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

Project: SocialB is the Digital Marketing Training Partner to the RYA.

Key Aims: Upskill employees and volunteers in the benefits of digital marketing via talks at their annual conferences, live webinars, a bank of online resources and printed materials.


  • We started by providing “Introduction to” workshops and now there is a much wider digital awareness within the RYA. We consult on the next topics to cover. We have created content in various different forms to ensure it is reusable for future staff and volunteers.
  • We have spoken at 30 RYA events in 2 years to over 1000 delegates


“SocialB succeeded in providing clear and relevant information to an audience with a very mixed knowledge. They are great to work with and we are confident that our sailing clubs will continue to benefit from their advice and information.” – Susie Nation-Grainger, Communications Officer

Boohoo Website


Project: Recruitment Training. Bespoke in-house social media and recruitment training, coinciding with the launch of BoohooPremium and the acquisition of Nasty Gal.


Key Aims: SocialB upskilled key members of the resourcing team to create engaging content to attract both passive, and active, jobseekers across a number of platforms using a number of creative methods.

Platforms: Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.


  • “Really insightful – made me aware of how little I knew about social media…I now know so much!” – Internal Resource Executive at
  • “Very informative, engaging and interesting. All the questions I had were covered and explained really well.” – Senior Resourcing Advisor at