Financial Services Case Studies

Complete Financial Training Website

Complete Financial Training

Project: Full Digital Services


Key Aims: Increase bookings and enquiries on physical training and e-learning courses.

Services: SEO, PPC, Content and CRO


  • Website visitors now view 3.15 pages instead of 1.82 pages each (73% improvement)
  • Visitors now spend on average 3 minutes on the website, as opposed to just over 1 minute a year ago (214% improvement)
Salary Finance Website

Salary Finance

Project: Employee-facing Campaigns. Working across selected companies, SocialB were tasked to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn platforms, aiming to increase awareness and overall buy-in to the services offered.


Key Aims: SocialB has supported this employee centric organisation to raise the profile, and advertise its services. The campaigns included A/B testing to ensure success, as well as in-depth lead tracking in order to compile data driven reports.

Platforms: LinkedIn & Facebook


  • Working beyond the campaign brief, Salary Finance allowed SocialB to use experience and expertise to not only support the project itself, but also make recommendations for landing pages and to improve overall user experience, all whilst running a quality campaign which met the client criteria.
  • Salary Finance saw success from the campaigns, having increased engagement on social media, and an overall rise in enquiries across the board – traffic which can all being tracked back to to the campaign posts themselves.