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Beginners Social Media Training for Body Control Pilates Members

Welcome to the beginners social media training for Body Control Pilates members, where we aim to give you the tools you need to succeed online.

We host interactive webinars which are delivered online giving you the chance to learn from our experts and ask questions throughout.

  • Interactive session so you can ask questions at the end of each session
  • Delivered as 90-minute live online sessions (plus you will have access to the recordings)
  • Exclusive access to an online private group supported by our digital experts
  • Training content focused specifically for pilates teachers starting their online journey
  • Buy each session individually or buy all 3 sessions for a discount
  • Hints & tips for saving time, money and resources to help build your business online

SocialB are so excited to be introducing a webinar series for beginners to social media!

If you have been intimidated by online training or social media support before, this is the series for you. We will take you back to basics on how to use social media for your pilates business and how you can have an effect by investing a little bit of time into it. We aim to arm you with the tools you need and we won’t worry you with any jargon.

Whether you are looking to find more clients or maybe just a way of keeping in touch better with your current clients, this series focuses on starting your social media presence off in the right ways.

Body Control Pilates members who have attended previous training sessions from SocialB have said: “A perfect guide to social media for someone like me just setting up my business” and “The most useful course I have been on to develop my business”.

You can purchase the following sessions individually (£36 inc VAT per session) or you can buy all three sessions at a discounted price (£90 inc VAT).

Course Programme

Session 1: Introduction To Social Media For Your Pilates Business - Thursday 12th November at 10am - 11.30am GMT

Where do you even start with social media? I know it probably seems overwhelming but we are on hand to help you work out what you need to do.

In this session, we will show you more about the main platforms and how they could be valuable for your business. Social media can also be a time-sucker, (we have all spent hours scrolling through Facebook!) but we will help you plan ahead so you don't need to spend a long time to make a difference. Setting 10 minutes aside each day is a great start.

Finally, we will cover how to find your clients as well as potential new clients.

Why should you attend?
If you are yet to start on social media and want our advice for your business or maybe you feel you need a refresher on the basics - no question is a silly question.

Session 3: Creating and Posting Content to Instagram - Tuesday 24th November at 7.00pm to 8.30pm GMT

In this session, we are talking all things Instagram. This is one of the platforms that will work really well for your business so if you are looking to learn more on Instagram, join us.

We will take you through how to adapt content for Instagram, uploading your photos and videos to the platform and how to navigate the different areas.

You will also learn the various features that Instagram has and we will explore the ones you need to know in more detail.

Why should you attend?
Whether you are weighing up if Instagram is for you or if you would like a refresher on the basics, this interactive session will clear up all of the platforms key features.

Session 2: Creating and Posting Content to Facebook - Thursday 19th November at 2.00pm to 3.30pm GMT

Once you have confirmed you want to use social media for your pilates business, next up is learning about Facebook. Facebook is a great user-friendly platform which can be used to build a community around you. It may also be the platform that you know most about from personal use.

Starting by showing you the difference between a profile, page and group, we recommend the best way to start your journey on Facebook for your business.

We will run through building a content library, tips for taking good photos and videos, the different ways of adding them to your Facebook page.

Why should you attend?
Perfect for you if you don't have a Facebook presence yet or if you use it for personal but not for your business yet. Also a great refresher for anyone posting on Facebook but finding it very time-consuming.

What Will The Session Be Like?

Each of these sessions are delivered live online, but are also recorded so you will be able to watch them back at your own leisure and refer back to them as you start to implement what you have learnt.

- Live & Interactive

- Q&A at the end of each session

- Listen back afterwards

- Tailored to you

You can purchase the following sessions individually (£36 inc VAT per session) or you can buy all three sessions at a discounted price (£90 inc VAT).


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Amy is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Partner & Trainer at SocialB. Since 2015, Amy has been at the forefront in delivering training programmes to our clients in a range of industries across the UK. Amy has gained invaluable experience working in marketing & business development over the last 20 years which enables her to provide insightful support to our clients based on her practical experience. Amy regularly delivers training courses and workshops for our long-term partnership clients including Guardian Masterclasses, Body Control Pilates, Spring Fair, and more.

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