Digital Marketing Masterclass

Digital marketing has evolved and developed at an incredibly fast rate over the past 5 years. Almost every enquiry and purchase involves an online interaction which is why these channels are critical to your overall success.
This course is delivered online (or in person on request) and is available as an open course or an in company training course.

  • Learn how to develop a robust digital marketing strategy and map out a clear online journey for your target audience
  • Discover new skills, knowledge, and tools to help you make better decisions about digital marketing for your organisation
  • Find out how you can improve your website, create engaging content, drive traffic to your website, and keep on top of your digital marketing progress
  • This Digital Marketing course is delivered online via Zoom in 6 x 2-hour sessions, or we can deliver the course in person over two days
  • Training slides, zoom recordings, and course materials are all shared with you to keep

Course Overview

There is no denying the astronomical shift in the way that people search for products and services and how the journey for your target audience is increasingly a digital one.

Whether you work in a B2C or B2B organisation, digital marketing presents you with numerous opportunities to attract and engage your target audience across multiple channels online and capture data and insights that simply aren’t possible with traditional marketing means.

To get the best results from digital marketing, you need to put yourself in your customers shoes and understand how they look for products and services online, what they need from you as a business, and how to position your organisation and your digital marketing strategies to intersect with your target audience and their needs.

On this course, you will learn how to create a robust digital marketing strategy with clear objectives in mind. We will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you identify or improve the digital opportunity for your organisation, and how to incorporate various channels to engage with your target audience.

Whether you’re a small-medium sized business building your local presence, a national business, or even a global organisation, this course will benefit you in understanding the steps you can take to grow your digital footprint and maximise results for your organisation.

Throughout this Digital Marketing Masterclass course, you will learn about various digital channels, from your website to SEO, paid advertising and social media, and how to use these channels to reach your objectives.

Who Is This Course For?

– Digital marketers

– Marketers

– Copywriters & Content Creators

– Marketing Managers & Directors

This course is ideal for anyone in a digital marketing role who wants to improve their knowledge and skills of how to develop and implement profitable digital marketing strategies.

You may be looking to transition into a more digitally-focused role, or you may be working in digital marketing but need help building up your foundational knowledge.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to further their digital marketing expertise and improve the results they are getting from their digital marketing activity.

This Digital Marketing training course would also be a great opportunity for other marketers working in PR, branding, print, and creative media, who want to understand how digital marketing can help increase the impact of their activities and move towards a more digital orientated marketing strategy.

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Why Choose SocialB?

At SocialB, we work with clients daily to develop and implement customer-centric digital marketing activities and campaigns that are wholly aligned with our clients’ objectives to deliver the best and most profitable results.

We’ve honed these skills over the last 12 years achieving long-term growth and sustainability for our clients and we want to share that knowledge with you to help you benefit from the digital opportunity for your business.

Who Delivers This Digital Marketing Course?

This course is delivered by one of our expert digital marketing trainers. Find out more about our dedicated and passionate SocialB team here.


What Will I Take Away From The Course?

By the end of this Digital Marketing course, attendees should be able to:-

– Create an agile digital marketing strategy for your business in a changing environment.

– Understand the complexity of the digital journey online and how to develop an effective customer journey for diverse target audiences.

– Unlock the full value of each digital channel for your organisation and learn how to prioritise your time with a view to maximise return on investment.

– Recognise the vital elements of a website and how to identify areas for improvement on your website.

– Plan and create content for your organisation to ensure engagement and conversion.

– Maximize your marketing strategy using paid advertising, website optimisation, CRO, social media and email marketing.

– Navigate Google Analytics and other powerful digital tools to find relevant insights and metrics giving you the context to take actions to improve your digital performance.

– Using analytics data to make key business decisions.

– Create a high-level digital marketing report and how to report on your objectives.

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Course Programme

Session 1: Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

- How to create a digital marketing strategy
- Strategy objectives, opportunities & threats
- Creating a strategy document
- Integrated marketing strategies

Understanding the Customer Journey and Optimising Your Website for conversion

- How to attract, engage and convert sales through your website (for B2C and B2B)
- The complete customer journey
- 8-step checklist for a highly engaging website
- CRO – the concept of reducing your Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Lead but increasing the conversion of your website visitors

Session 2: Measuring & Analysing Your Digital Marketing Success

- Navigating the Google Analytics Dashboard
- Ensuring your goal tracking is set up correctly
- Using Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation
- Understanding your key metrics, data and return on investment
- Identifying objectives
- Social media analytics & insights
- How to create monthly reports using Google analytics
- Google URL builder
- What information should you be reporting on

Session 3: Creating Engaging Content

- The importance of content in your overall digital strategy
- Generating content ideas based on audience insights
- Creating search friendly content
- Understanding what part content plays in your journey to generate sales or enquiries

Getting Found Online (SEO)

- Understanding on-page and off-page SEO
- How to review and implement SEO on your website
- Understanding where and how to identify your current online visibility and what levers you need to pull to improve it
- Making the most out of Google Search Console

Session 4: Using Social Media Effectively

- Understanding how social media should be used to generate awareness and business
- Concept of focusing on the consumer
- An overview of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for business
- Tactics to maximise effectiveness
- How to improve your social media content & planning
- The art of repurposing content on social media
- Measuring social media effectively and in line with your objectives

Session 5: Paid advertising (PPC – Paid Search & Paid Social)

- Key foundations needed for Paid success
- How to plan, forecast and estimate your Paid ROI for success
- How to bid & make strategic decisions to drive profitability
- Social advertising – the different formats (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
- Understand what the key concepts are a great social media ad

Email Marketing

- Understanding what your email marketing objectives are
- How and where email marketing should fit in to your customer journey
- Creating emails that attract your audience to sign up
- Ensuring your emails add value and generate sales
- What KPIs you should focus on
- The Importance of A/B testing, personalisation and segmentation

Session 6: Ecommerce Next Level & Winning the Digital Shelf on Marketplaces

- Understanding your routes to market (D2C, Marketplaces, social commerce)
- What it takes to win in the digital landscape
- The three key areas to nail the digital shelf
- Selling direct/selling on marketplaces (or another retailer’s digital shelf) and what it takes to win

Course Round Up

- Recap of what we’ve covered along the way
- Evaluating your progress on the course
- Establishing your key takeaways
- The next steps and implementing your digital marketing strategy

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Who's Been On Our Digital Marketing Training Course?

Client Testimonials

"All the information was backed up with examples so you could get a better sense of what it was like in practice."
Natalie from Hubbub
"The live tasks are great and really make you think to allow fresh ideas."
Delegate from Virgin Care
"A fascinating and well-informed insight into the world of digital marketing."
Delegate from the DIT (Department for International Trade)
"The trainer is very experienced, gets straight to the point and the session is experiential. I love the reflective questions in between the presentation for us to apply our knowledge."
Delegate from Erudite

This is an In House / In Company Training Only

If you have a team of individuals who would benefit from this training, we can deliver this course exclusively for you and your team. We can deliver the course exactly as it is described (off the shelf) or we can tailor the course content for your team.

Off the shelf training means…

Course content is delivered as described (no tailoring or new content added) however all attendees would complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire so our trainer can understand your individual goals and objectives before the course begins.

Tailored training means…

We would adapt the course content including the examples, case studies, activities and length of time spent on certain topics so that it is completely tailored to your needs. As above, we would also ask all attendees to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire to understand individual needs and goals before the training starts.

Is In-House Training Right For You?

– In-house training can be more cost effective if you have three or more team members you’d like to train.

– When delivered in-house, the training would be solely applied to your business and your context.

– In-house training is a great opportunity for team members to work together, collaborate, and help and support each other throughout the process.

– When delivered online we record all of the training sessions – these recordings are a valuable training asset for any new team members or to refer back to in future.



If it’s just for your team, we can deliver the course online or in person in your office. Our recommendation for online training is to deliver the course over 6 x 2-hour sessions, or alternatively to deliver the course in person, we would recommend splitting it over two full days training in your office.

This is our recommendation, but with an in-house project we would work with you to find the most productive and effective way to deliver the course based on your needs.

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