Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet With Digital Marketing Strategy

Set goals, find out which channels will work for you and grow your organisation. Focussing your marketing efforts on the channels that will work for you and help you save time.

  • Set your goals for 2020
  • Establish milestones for your growth
  • Understanding your customers better
  • Joining up your strategy
  • Managing your resources to deliver your strategy
  • Picking your digital marketing channels

Course Programme

Getting started with your 2020 Strategy

- Setting your goals for 2020
- Getting started with your new year strategy
- Why you should have an integrated strategy
- The role of the digital marketing strategy in relation to your wider strategy

Hands On: The SocialB Strategy

- Work with our trainer through our tried and tested strategy document and how you can create a reliable yet flexible winning strategy

The Customer Journey

- What is the customer journey?
- Know who your audience is and how to target them
- What hurdles should you look out for?
- Understanding your customer better to make more money
- Using Google Analytics to understand where your audience comes from

Hands On: Ideal Customer Profile

- Who do you think your ideal customers are? Where they are? What their interests are? What is their job?
This hands-on exercise will allow you to paint a picture of who you feel your primary audience are so you can target them across a number of mediums.


- Creating goals, milestones and measuring your success against these
- What should you be reporting on?
- Creating monthly reports that help make informed decisions

Why SocialB?

First-hand experience from a company who manages digital marketing for international brands across many sectors. Learn how to focus your efforts on the channels that work for brands, depending on your industry and overall goals for growth. Save time and resource by measuring your results effectively.

During this course, you can benefit from the tools and techniques that are used by our clients. Take the time to apply them to your industry and your organisation but also share ideas with other people if you want to.

Key Benefits;

– Global Industry Expert Tutors

– Highly actionable & interactive learning

– Course content provided in printed & PDF format

Who Should Attend?

This course has been developed for key decision-makers within your organisation, those responsible for the creation, management and delivery of a marketing strategy.

Are you ready for 2020? Do you have a robust and coherent strategy in place to take full advantage of marketing opportunities in the year to come?

The SocialB team have drawn from experience, client discussion and extensive market research to create this one-day workshop, helping business owners and Marketing Directors with the important process of marketing strategy planning. Securing your place onto this workshop will give you the tips, tricks and tools needed to hit the ground running in 2020.

If you’re not sure if this course is the one for you, or if you need any help and advice getting enrolled, get in touch with one of our team…

Who Is Your Trainer?

Who Is Your Trainer?

Ed Goodman

  • Leader and host of your workshop, Ed Goodman leads sessions with a commitment to engage, inspire and connect, his passion to share knowledge and insight has allowed him to spark change for countless businesses over the years.
  • In recent months Ed has delivered SocialB sessions for organisations of all sizes, ranging from an international car manufacturer to one of the largest retail groups in the UK. Catering each of his sessions to the room, ensuring everyone walks away with relevant and actionable points – something this workshop has been designed to do – is Ed’s bread and butter.
  • Seeing the importance of results, Ed puts return on investment first, helping you save time by focussing on what works.

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