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Social Media Training for Body Control Pilates Members

SocialB are so excited to be delivering exclusive Social Media training for Body Control Pilates members once again.

These interactive webinars are delivered live online giving you the chance to learn from our experts and ask questions throughout.

  • Training content focused specifically for pilates teachers
  • Buy each session individually or buy all 4 sessions for a discount
  • Hints & tips for saving time, money and resources to help build your business online
  • Delivered as 1-hour live online sessions (plus you will have access to the recordings)
  • Interactive session so you can ask questions at the end of each session
  • Exclusive access to an online private group supported by our digital experts

SocialB are so excited to be back hosting these upcoming webinars in partnership with Body Control Pilates. Our aim is to arm you with the right tools to make the most out of the online opportunity for your Pilates business, especially in such turbulent times.

Whether you are looking to find more clients or maybe just a way of keeping in touch better with your current clients, this series focuses on taking your knowledge to the next level. Why stop at just social media, we teach you how emails and content could be so valuable to your teaching business.

Body Control Pilates members who have attended previous training sessions from SocialB have said: “A perfect guide to social media for someone like me just setting up my business” and “The most useful course I have been on to develop my business”.

Each of these sessions are delivered live online, but are also recorded so you will be able to watch them back at your own leisure and refer back to them as you start to implement what you have learnt.

You can purchase the following sessions individually (£30 inc VAT per session) or you can buy all four sessions at a discounted price (£102 inc VAT).

These are interactive training sessions with live Q&A at the end of each session.

Course Programme

Session 1: Creating Captivating Content - Thursday 26th November at 2pm - 3pm GMT

Making amazing content is time consuming – whether it’s posts, blogs, videos or even podcasts. But if you can get it right for your audience, it will pay dividends, rather than become a dusty blog on your site.

All of our guidance centres around what your audience wants, wear your customers shoes always. Once you know who your customers are, we help you unlock which kinds of content they want from you, all with a purpose of creating action. Content that inspires likes, shares AND booking onto a class with you.

Key Takeaways:
- Different kinds of content & how to pick your media
- Squeezing all value out of each piece of content
- Content that inspires actions and shows you results!

Why should you attend?
Maybe you are not yet creating blogs or videos for your audience and you want to explore how to do this without it becoming a full time job! Or maybe you spend lots of time creating great blogs that don't get the results you expect...

Session 2: Measuring Your Success - Saturday 28th November at 10am – 11am GMT

When it comes to any activity, we advise that you do more of what works and stop what doesn't work for your audience. But how do you know what is working exactly...

We will run you through what things to measure and how to know whether a post has done well for you. Likes are great but you want clients to book right? Social media can be so time consuming so you need to know what kinds of posts your audience enjoy so you can do more of that!

Key Takeaways:
- How to show your social media progress
- What are vanity metrics
- How to prove social media is time well spent for you

Why should you attend?
This session is ideal for you if you use social media for your business and time runs away with you. You spend the time but you aren't quite sure if it's working. This is a very common place to be and we want to help you spend your time wisely!

Course Programme

Session 3: Sending Engaging Emails - Wednesday 2nd December at 2pm – 3pm GMT

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and also can be the reason that your clients book their first session with you. Email newsletters are extremely valuable when done well as well as personalised emails for a handful of clients.

Building your email lists is key and your newsletter is a great place to shout about your content (blogs, videos, success stories) as well as your upcoming classes. We will share tips on how to get people to sign up to your emails and then what to do with them.

Key Takeaways:
- Building your email database
- Sending an engaging email newsletter that inspires action
- A simple approach to targeted emails

Why should you attend?
Perhaps you haven't even thought about emails or maybe you have some client data in a spreadsheet. If all of your clients info is from social media, please beware that accounts get mysteriously deleted all the time! Cover yourself and your business by having a great email plan too.

Session 4: Social Media Q&A - Saturday 12th December at 10am -11am GMT

But what about everything else??

Your trainer Amy Hobson, will be available to answer any burning questions you may have!

Submit your questions in advance and we will cover anything from Facebook pages to Instagram Reels, There is so much to talk about when it comes to social media so we will start by answering our FAQs from any business like;
- What does engagement really mean?
- What is the difference between a Facebook profile, page & group
- Do I need to be present on all social media channels?

Also a great place to share ideas with like minded people!


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Amy is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Partner & Trainer at SocialB. Since 2015, Amy has been at the forefront in delivering training programmes to our clients in a range of industries across the UK. Amy has gained invaluable experience working in marketing & business development over the last 20 years which enables her to provide insightful support to our clients based on her practical experience. Amy regularly delivers training courses and workshops for our long-term partnership clients including Guardian Masterclasses, Body Control Pilates, Spring Fair, and more.

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