Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy

Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy Free Webinar

Learn how to pivot your strategy by measuring your digital marketing activities effectively and maximising your marketing budget.

In these uncertain times, it is tempting to pause all of your marketing activities as it’s difficult to know what else to do. You may have convinced yourself that no one would be interested in your product or service right now, but you may well be wrong. Chances are, if you are thinking this then so are your competitors, and this may give you an opportunity.

Now more than ever, you should be considering how to make the most of digital marketing for your business. With so many options of where to spend your marketing budget, let’s arm you with the tools to make more informed decisions and strive for success.

In this one hour webinar with SocialB, you will learn how to make the most of your marketing budget in a digital world. Taking you through your ideal target audiences and the right platforms for your business, by the end of the hour you will be inspired to invest back into the right parts of your marketing.

Course content

  • Developing a successful and measurable strategy
  • Audience targeting and audience behaviours
  • Exploring all of your digital options – website, SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media
  • Where does digital marketing fit into your current marketing plan

The three takeaways

  1. Adapt your digital marketing strategy
  2. Find the best channels for your business
  3. Measure your activity and create a comprehensive report

Having worked in digital marketing since 2001, our CEO Lynsey Sweales shares her experience, knowledge and hints and tips to a successful digital marketing strategy in the current climate.

This was a recorded live webinar so you will also benefit from Q & A session from organisations at the end

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