Social Media Marketing For The Education Sector Webinar

Social Media Marketing For The Education Sector Webinar

How can schools, universities and the education sector take advantage of social media marketing?

  • Why Is Social Media So Important To The Education Sector?
  • An Overview Of The Various Types Of Social Media Platforms
  • Developing A Social Media Strategy For Your Business
  • Insight Into The Current Educational Social Media Landscape
  • How To Uncover Social Media Opportunities
  • How To Monitor & Manage Your Reputation Online

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Webinar Overview & Benefits

Are you in the education sector and want to know if and how you should be using social media? This online clinic focuses on the key social media platforms, whilst sharing our wealth of knowledge to provide you with key insights to help you use social media successfully.

With many higher educational institutes now adopting it into their digital strategy plans, social media is a hot topic. 75% of 16-21-year-olds use social media to regularly communicate, therefore, when it comes to marketing their education organisation, the education sector has a sitting target to aim at.
Utilising Facebook, YouTube or Twitter in inventive ways helps social media marketing in education and can attract potential new students to your university, college or school. It is important to connect to the right social media network to maximise the potential and have a co-ordinated approach if you have several platforms.

Social media marketing in education does have challenges, find out how to set guidance for teaching staff, parents and students and how social media can work in an educational environment to the benefit of all concerned.

SocialB Ltd has provided social media training to the likes of Emlyon Business School, Merchant Taylors’ Schools, The Manchester College, the University of Birmingham, Reading Eggs and the University of Lincoln.


"Excellent course, very well targeted to participants, very good presentation. Good interactive content and discussions."
Nutritional Information Solutions / Institute of Food Research
"Very informative, interesting and loads of info! All content was useful and nothing was missed out. Very interesting and full of information that will (hopefully) help us to deliver more engaging social media."
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