Social Media Marketing In Sports Webinar

Social Media Marketing In Sports Webinar

If you are armed with knowledge and a clear strategy, using social media in the sports sector doesn't have to be such a daunting task.

  • Why Is Social Media So Important In The Sports Sector?
  • How To Utilise The Key Social Media Platforms Effectively
  • How To Create A Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Policy: The Importance Of The Finer Details
  • Social Media Policy: The Importance Of The Finer Details
  • Social Media Policy: The Importance Of The Finer Details
  • How to Manage & Monitor Your Online Social Reputation
  • How To Measure & Evaluate Social Media Campaigns

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Webinar Overview & Benefits

The Sports sectors have picked up on the importance of social media for various reasons - inspiration, motivation and a drive for engagement. With new features such as live video appearing on our social networks more rapidly, now is the time for the Sports sector to experiment with these platforms. As the Sports sector covers various different age groups, it is imperative that staff are educated on the essentials of social media and how it works for clubs, gyms and leisure centres.

Establishing a social media policy can ensure that staff are aware of guidelines and can portray a consistent brand voice and style across the channels. Our expert social media trainers have worked with the likes of Virgin Active, L.A. Fitness and The Open.

SocialB will not only bring you up to speed on how and why to use social media but will also give you clear actions on how to take social media forward within your sports business. Attendees should be managing the social media or have an active role in the social strategy of their organisation. You will learn key skills and information on how to use social media whilst also learning the fundamentals to measuring your success and keeping up to date on policies.

Client Testimonials

"It was informative and useful- lots of covered and was done well."
"Relevant and useful, will definitely put information gained into practice."
Portsmouth City Council


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