Social Media Webinar Series for Body Control Pilates Members

SocialB are so excited to be delivering exclusive Social Media training for Body Control Pilates members once again.

These interactive webinars are delivered live online giving you the chance to learn from our experts and ask questions throughout.

  • Interactive webinars where you can ask questions throughout
  • Delivered as 60-minute live online sessions (plus you will have access to the recordings)
  • Exclusive access to an online private group supported by our digital experts
  • Training content focused specifically for Pilates teachers and their online journey
  • Buy each session individually or buy all 4 sessions for a discount
  • Hints & tips for saving time, money and resources to help build your business online

The SocialB team are so excited to be partnering with Body Control Pilates once again!

We are back to deliver a webinar series that helps you get the most from your social media channels, and your website.

Based on our experience working with Body Control Pilates members so far, we have found a few common challenges that many Pilates businesses face with online marketing.

  • Ever feel like you just don’t know where to start when it comes to platforms like Facebook, or Instagram?
  • Do you lack confidence with what you’re posting on social media, or how to make your website better?
  • Do you find you spend lots of time trying to work on your online marketing, but aren’t really seeing the progress you’d hoped?


At SocialB, we’ve helped countless businesses get their online marketing off the ground and we want to share that knowledge to help you do the same. Our webinars are full of practical hints and tips and are delivered by our social media expert, Amy Hobson, who has been training Body Control Pilates members for the last 3 years.

Body Control Pilates members who have attended previous training sessions from SocialB have said: “A perfect guide to social media for someone like me just setting up my business” and “The most useful course I have been on to develop my business”.

You can purchase the following sessions individually (£30 inc VAT per session) or you can buy all three sessions at a discounted price (£102 inc VAT).

Course Programme

Session 1: Build Your Confidence on Social Media - Wednesday 7th April, 10am – 11am

There is nothing worse than feeling unconfident and unsure about what to do with your social media. It is easy to go round and round in circles and never make any progress.

In this competitive industry you need to have an online presence but too often businesses throw themselves in the deep end before planning out the what, the who, the when, the how. Taking a step back and thinking more strategically about what you are doing on social media will help boost your confidence, make better use of your time, and bring you better results.

This webinar will show you how to pick the right social media channels for you, create content for your audience, and show you how you can do this quickly and efficiently around your schedule.

This session is suitable for anyone who has made a start with social media and has a basic understanding of it, but needs help and guidance on what to do next.

- Getting to know your target audience and how to engage with them online
- Setting clear goals for what you want to get out of your social media activity
- Choosing the right social media channels for you
- Developing your brand tone of voice
- Introduction to creating engaging content that works for your business
- Great examples of social media content that works well on Facebook and Instagram

Session 3: How to Stand Out on Facebook - Tuesday 20th April, 4pm – 5pm

Facebook is one of the giants of social media and is such a well-established platform. Over the years the ways we use Facebook has changed and it’s so important to stay up to date with how the platform is being used and where the opportunities are.

In this session we will share updates on Facebook as a platform and the opportunities available for Pilates businesses. You will learn what makes a good profile and successful Facebook pages and groups for your business. We will also share our top tips on how to engage with your audience on Facebook by cultivating an active online community and sharing great content!

Whether you are new to Facebook or have your pages set up, this webinar is full of tips and tricks to start getting better engagement on Facebook and how to start using it as a key channel to stay in tune with your target audience.

- Facebook strategy and evolution
- Benefits for your business
- Key features of a successful Facebook profile
- Creating Facebook pages and groups
- Making the most of the Facebook community
- Improving engagement using all of Facebook’s facilities
- Top tips for creating likeable and shareable content

Session 2: 7 Steps to a Better Website - Friday 16th April, 10am – 11am

Your website is your best opportunity to sell yourself and your business. If someone lands on your website, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to find out what you do and how they can book a class or a taster session.

We have identified seven simple steps you can take to make sure your website is easy to use and gets the results you need.

In this webinar, you will learn about the role your website plays within a wider online journey. We will share our 7 key steps including the essential features you must have on your website, as well as tips on how to maintain your website.

Whether you manage your website directly yourself, or have someone who does it for you, it’s so important to understand how the website works and the impact it’s having on the success of your business.

- Why a great website matters
- The role of a website in the online journey
- Our 7 key steps for website success
- Implementing changes
- Maintaining a good website
- Google My Business introduction

Session 4: How to Stand Out on Instagram - Wednesday 21st April, 10am – 11am

Instagram is a social media phenomenon and has changed the ways that businesses can interact with their customers online. Instagram is all about visual content, and we all know, a picture can tell a thousand words!

There’s so much potential to build your brand on Instagram, but you have to understand the platform and how people engage with content to be able to capitalise on its potential.

Instagram is also frequently updating and launching new features, so it’s important to stay up to date and make sure you’re getting the most out of it. This webinar will focus on how Instagram can be used for business, how to set up and optimise your Instagram profile, and best practices for how to use the platform.

Whether you are experienced with Instagram or are just starting out, this webinar will get you thinking about how Instagram can benefit your business and ways you can effectively build your presence on this booming platform.

- How does Instagram work for business?
- Tips for creating a clear and distinct visual brand for your business on Instagram
- Engaging with your customers and the community
- Using hashtags
- Trying out different types of content
- How to keep track of your progress on Instagram


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Amy is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Partner & Trainer at SocialB. Since 2015, Amy has been at the forefront in delivering training programmes to our clients in a range of industries across the UK. Amy has gained invaluable experience working in marketing & business development over the last 20 years which enables her to provide insightful support to our clients based on her practical experience. Amy regularly delivers training courses and workshops for our long-term partnership clients including Guardian Masterclasses, Body Control Pilates, Spring Fair, and more.

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