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Analyse your website's performance & gain actionable insights from visitors 

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A part of the Online Sales Machine course

Collecting & Actioning Customer Insights

Conversion Rate Optimisation (or CRO for short) has been called "the most important marketing activity", and for good reason.

One of the most powerful ways of increasing your marketing ROI is not to spend more money on increasing the number of people visiting your website, but to focus on improving your conversion rate.

The key to CRO is knowing how to collect and action both qualitative and quantitative customer data. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to start putting this high-ROI skill into place.

Why you should trust SocialB

Helping businesses of all sizes since 2008, we have a flexible way of supporting everyone. Whether you are looking for training, consultancy or to outsource an element of digital marketing, we have a solution for you. However we help, we always focus on return on investment and using the digital channels that will give you results. Our expertise spans across all sectors; B2B & B2C, e-commerce selling products or generating leads for your services business. We pride ourselves on working with niche organisations, making the weird and wonderful accessible to your customers.

Carrying out amazing digital work for our clients daily enables us to train organisations like you with the most up to date and tried & tested information. In a world that never stops evolving, we give you the confidence that our intel is bang up to date.

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By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand why the whole team should be invested in CRO and why it is the most powerful digital marketing practice.
  • Be able to set up and read funnels, heatmaps and recordings.
  • Be able to ask website visitors and customers insightful questions at the right moments in a non-invasive way using polls, inline feedback forms and surveys.
  • Be able to carry out method marketing on own and competitor’s company as well as user testing.
  • Be able to write powerful sales copy based on psychology and advertising best practices.

Who is it for?

  • Head of Marketing/Sales or Marketing Executives who want a new way of working on their websites without simply driving more people to it.
  • Directors/Owner-Operators who want to grow their online sales/lead generation without spending tons of money on ads.
  • A basic understanding of Google Analytics.
  • An understanding of your organisation's target audience and USPs (it's surprising the number of people who don't know these!).
  • The ability to make changes to your website and install new software.

What do you need in place to get the most out of this course? 

If this sounds too basic or advanced...

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More about your trainer

Lynsey Sweales, Google Partner Trainer | IDM Tutor | International Key Note and Conference Speaker

Having worked in digital marketing for over 19 years on both the strategic delivery side and training side I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the worlds leading brands. I love nothing better than using my technical knowledge and hands-on experience to help global organisations grow their business in international markets alongside helping smaller brands on the next step of their digital journey of success.

As well as delivering training & talking at international conferences for SocialB clients I’m also very privileged to be a Google Partner Trainer for the Google Digital Academy, which as part of the Google Masterclass program delivers training on all aspects of the Mobile Masterclass and Brand Solutions at Google offices across EMEA.

“A well structured and tailored course that has empowered us to move forward and enforce policy and plan going forward. A brilliant and empowering experience I won't forget. ”

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