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The world is full of Coronavirus/COVID-19 news right now, but very little of it is about what businesses can do right now. We’ve been working on our clients’ responses to the CV-19 situation and have come up with an action plan that all businesses should take right now when communication is more important than ever.

Here's a 6-step plan

You might have had the best digital marketing plan in motion for this year but suddenly things have changed, massively.  It is difficult for many businesses to know what to do with their marketing; stop, adapt, keeping pushing forward regardless, there are lots of options.  Our video and blog share our suggestions based on our experience, hints, tips and some examples to help you decide.

Key learns for whether to stop marketing

Adapting your marketing in line with what’s going on isn’t always an easy decision.  We’ve been asked this a lot so created and delivered a webinar recently on this very subject.  This webinar is free and can be watched at your own pace plus as it was a live webinar there are some brands asking great questions you might also find useful at the end.

Watch our free webinar on rethinking your marketing strategy

Until Coronavirus you may have had a solid base of clients and/or your niche of target audiences. Overnight that may well have changed; so what can and should you do? Ed and Lynsey chat about how and what options as well as some great examples of businesses adapting to new audiences.

Watch this video if your audience has changed

This was a big challenge for many businesses that got in touch with us.  Alongside should they mention Coronavirus in their content.  We’ve created a video alongside a blog post that covers suggestions on the approaches you can take as well as some great examples of brands adapting their content to keep front of mind but also relevant and engaging.

Find out how you can keep your content relevant and engaging right now

This was another common challenge amongst businesses.  With marketing budgets being cut, many marketing teams are being furloughed, so how can you adapt?

We share some great hints and tips to try and keep your brand on track at this difficult time.

Here's what you can do

Whatever the level of your marketing during Coronavirus you will want to know when to ramp it back up again right?  Well, we’ve got three great tips to help you know when to ramp your marketing back up.

Find out our two great tips for knowing when to ramp things back up

We know its not just brands being affected in terms of income and revenue, its influencers too.  Lynsey chatted with Marion, a fantastic travel and photography influencer who’s seen a dramatic impact on her plans for the year but who has some great tips and actionable takeaways for other influencers in the same position.

Learn how influencers can adapt here

We’ve been talking to our clients and businesses who are generally falling into two camps. The first one is the business that has temporarily had to shut their doors as per lockdown instructions, furlough staff and try to continue online sales if staffing and suppliers are able available and operating.

The other camp has seen a massive upturn for their products or services, and are busier than ever, even struggling to keep up with the orders and customer enquiries. If you’re lucky enough to be in this camp, how can you upscale your business quickly and in some cases urgently? Read our blog to help you keep on top of sales but also harness this business long term.

Here's what you can do

So, you have seen an influx of new customers over the past few weeks… lucky, lucky you! It’s a great position to be in right now, but if you are anything like us, you will be thinking “will people stay?”. Let’s explore the things that you can be doing right now, to help you keep these new customers when normality eventually sets back in.

What actions to take now

During this unprecedented time, we need to remember that our customers are facing all sorts of uncertainty and fears, including loss of work, illness and even loss of life. This means that people could have shorter fuses than usual in their customer service engagements, which we need to respond with compassion and empathy. We created a blog post to help you alongside some great examples.

Here's how you can help customers

Its never too late to get a website up and running for your business.  In fact now is the most important time ever as internet traffic is up 50% and people are turning to the internet and social media for their needs. We’ve created a free webinar on the 8 tips to a great website.


Learn about the 8 tips to a great website now

If you work in a sector that been heavily affected (travel, hospitality, some retail sectors) then it might seem impossible to work with influencers at this time. Lynsey wanted to find out for herself so chatted to travel and photography influencer Marion who shares some great tips on how brands can adapt their approach with influencers.


Find out the tips on how to adapt your influencer collaboration

We know a lot of small businesses that have maybe either not engaged in digital marketing to support their business or dappled with social media.  We want to help you, we’re passionate about helping businesses of all shapes and sizes so we’ve created a free webinar on how small businesses can and should use digital marketing.

Watch our free webinar now

Its often in times like this that organisations realise they need a strategy.  These need experience, knowledge but don’t need to be 40 pages long, they need to be specific, useful and actionable.  For the first time, due to demand, we have made our template available online to purchase – for every purchase we will donate 10% to the NHS charities Coronavirus Urgent appeal

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