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Drive International Traffic With Paid Advertising

Knowing your target market is essential for international PPC, while standard paid advertising rules mainly apply in foreign markets, preliminary research is always essential before you begin any international PPC campaign. At SocialB, we always start with a pay per click strategy which should form part of an overall international digital marketing strategy.

As an international PPC agency, we are aware of country specific search engines such as Yandex, and Baidu, in addition to Google and Bing. It is also important to be aware of cultural and time zone differences when launching a pay per click campaign. Our international PPC experts also research CPCs for individual countries as these can be affected by industry or competition.

Structuring international PPC campaigns carefully is a priority, as targeting multiple countries with multiple budgets and different languages means that you have to be meticulously organised. SocialB can manage your international pay per click campaigns and start driving traffic from your target audience wherever they are in the world.

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