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international ppc

Target your international audience with paid search.

Understanding your target market is essential for international PPC, while standard paid advertising rules mainly apply in foreign markets, preliminary research is always essential before you begin any international PPC campaign.

As an international PPC agency, at SocialB, we always start with a pay per click strategy which should form part of your overall international digital marketing strategy.

Is your target audience using Google, Bing, Baidu or Yandex? What language, cultural factors or devices are used among the countries you’re targeting?

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Tapping into new international markets

The world is smaller than ever before and consumers are happy to embrace the advantages of global markets. International marketing and PPC enables you to grow into these new markets to sell your products to a wider customer base.

Getting to know your international competitors is vital. Find out what they are doing for their customers. Competitor research can reveal where there are opportunities or if a market has been saturated, which will impact on CPCs.

Some of our international clients

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Over a decade of experience

We’re so well versed in international marketing that we frequently partner with the Department for International Trade to help brands reach a more global audience.

We’ve been working together for a long time and have a proven history of success.

We’re proud to have helped so many local businesses become global brands, and as Google Partner Agency, we relish creating digital marketing solutions to introduce or expand your business to international markets.

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