International Social Media

Reach Out And Engage Across The Globe With Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool used throughout the world but reaching out to people who live in different countries with different times zones and cultures requires a solid international social media strategy. How do you successfully engage the right audience at the right time while utilising the right social media channels for countries other than your own?

SocialB has worked with many international clients and understand that cultural differences affect how people respond to social media. It is essential to adapt your social media approach and factor in a country’s culture and history in order to engage with an international audience. A further consideration when looking at international social media is of course language and translation services. Multilingual social media is something a business will need consider when marketing to another country.

As a marketing channel to communicate with consumers on a global level, international social media works for both businesses and consumers. It is also a cost effective method to market to a new audience. We have produced social media strategies and managed international clients accounts and campaigns on their behalf, producing some excellent results.

What's Your International Social Media Strategy?

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