What is Social Media?

Understand the basics of social media, social media networks and how to use the social media for business.

The Basics of Social Media Networks for Business

Social media is a very broad term used to describe an exciting way to interact on a social level through websites and social media networks.

There are many social media platforms, and SocialB are experts in the field of using Social Media within business. Some of the most popular and well known platforms include Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.  In more recent years Google+, Pinterest and Instagram have joined the social media explosion, all adding their own unique selling points and individual personalities.

If you think these social websites are just for teenagers or interacting with friends then think again.  Social media for business is crucial, it’s a unique opportunity to engage customers in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way, whilst promoting your company’s brand, products and growing your customer base.

Social media lets us communicate through the use of words, photos, audio and videos via posts; you can interact with individuals, groups and have one to one conversations.

So that covers the basics of what is social media but which network or networks will work best for your business and how do you create the perfect post?

Not all social media networks work for all businesses, if you are not sure where to start social media training can be a big help to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each network for your business.   Important factors when creating posts include the type of information, using the right pictures, providing links when appropriate and posting at the right time of day to engage with the right people.

A social media marketing strategy is a good place to start and gives a structure to how you use social media for business.  It also makes it easier to monitor what works and what doesn’t work when dealing with several different social media platforms.

Hitting the right fan base and delivering spot on messages can dramatically increase engagement, lead to building your business and increased sales – that’s what social media is.

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