The Instagram Foundations

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Are you looking for comprehensive guidance on starting your Instagram Business Page? This video tutorial pack will take you through the A-Z of starting your successful Business Instagram. Watch at your own pace, these videos will give you step by step instructions covering the foundations you need to run your business Instagram page.
Based on a huge demand for the basics of Instagram for business, the SocialB team have created these handy step by step tutorials to help any business or entrepreneur get started on Instagram.

By the end of this course, you will have;

  • An Instagram business page set up correctly
  • Engaging posts, captions, and stories
  • A plan for using the right hashtags
  • Where to start with IGTV
  • A way of tracking your progress
  • The confidence to get started!

**Content created September 2020**

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Who is it for?

  • Suitable for any industry sector wanting to use Instagram to support their business
  • Best for setting up your Business Instagram page from scratch or if you have started without support and you are looking to unlock all of Instagram’s features
  • Ideal for the person with the power to post content daily to an Instagram business account

What do you need in place to get the most out of this course?

  • A personal Instagram page
  • Just the enthusiasm to start using Instagram for your business – no previous knowledge needed

What our clients say…

“Excellent, well-paced and thorough. Clear and informative. Lots to take forward”

“Confidence building and affirming that will enable us to improve”

“Answered lots of my questions and I feel I have a new set of tools to work with. Thank you!”

The exact modules;

  1. Switching to a business account
  2. Creating a post
  3. Writing a caption
  4. Use Instagram Hashtags
  5. Create a story
  6. Instagram Story Stickers
  7. Upload to IGTV
  8. Understand Instagram Insights