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Providing custom web design services to companies across London

We know web design. Whether it’s helping London start-ups to get their foot in the door of digital marketing, or giving well-established websites a much needed makeover, we can help.

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We’re no strangers to working with London businesses to create eye catching and memorable websites.

If there’s one thing that we’re known for here at Socialb (other than our great web designs of course), it’s the close relationships that we create and continually maintain with our clients. Websites can be a tricky process after all, and we’re proud to guide our clients through it, every step of the way.

We’ll essentially become an exterior department of your company, getting to know exactly what makes the business tick and getting a firm grasp of your core goals, targets and values.

It’s through this that we’re able to effectively envisage the work that we need to do to create your perfect website.

But before we even think about writing any code, the first thing we’ll do is conduct an in-depth audit of any websites that you currently have. This will allow us to identify any weak points in the current customer journey, and promptly fix any issues that they may be causing, thus giving us a solid foundation on which to work.

We’ve worked with a massive range of clients both local and international, and we’re very happy to say that we’ve had great successes with them all.

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First things first, what do we need to consider when designing a website?

  • What are my competitors doing with their websites?
  • Why should someone use our company?
  • Who is my website targeting?
  • What do we hope to achieve with the website?

During our first meeting we’ll sit down with you and discuss all of these questions in-depth, which will give us all the information we need to understand your business, your goals, and you.

So, what happens then?

We’ll get the ball rolling with some design concepts. These are just rough drafts to show you the direction we want to take your site, giving you a general feel of how things will look once the project is finished. If you like what we come up, it’ll be site building time.

We make a point of getting feedback and input from our clients right through the design process. It’s your website after all, and we want you to get exactly what you want. Once everyone is happy with how the site is looking, it’ll be time to launch.

Sounds great, but then what?

Unlike a lot of other web design agencies, we won’t suddenly evaporate after our job is done. We’ll always be on hand to answer any questions you may have, or help with any technical issues that could arise with the site.

In fact, if you want to keep us on board to work on your website full time, then have a look at our digital services page to see exactly what we can offer you.

Case Study

Sunvit-D3 Website After 360px

Sunvit-D3 were already doing pretty well when they came to us, but there was one problem. Their website only catered to the wholesale market, and they were looking to branch out into B2C ecommerce.

We totally reworked their website to make it intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use. Now they can happily deal directly with their customers and access a huge market that they were otherwise blocked off from. Click here to see the finished website.

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