Associations: 5 Tips To Tailor Content To Each Social Media Platform

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Every savvy Association knows that in order to be successful in social media they need to be present in the platforms where their audience is.

This means that very often they need to use platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and more. The problem is that each platform is very different.

Although their audience may be using all of these social media channels, and the same type of content could be shared between them, content still needs to be tailored to suit the needs and differences of each platform, since there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to social media.

So, what can you do to tailor your content to each platform?

Here are our 5 top tips:


Twitter’s tone is quite professional, though it can still be informal.

On Twitter, you have 140 characters to catch your audience’s attention and get your message across. So your tweets have to be straight to the point, for example, “Read this whitepaper about…” with a link to further details.

It’s a good place to share content that helps your members in some way and incites quick gratification.


Facebook is a little less energetic than Twitter, making it the perfect place to educate potential members about your Association, products, services, and answer their questions.

Facebook works well with content that’s a bit more informal, personal or fun. It’s ok to be irreverent or humorous and write more text.

Other types of content that work really well on this channel are competitions or offers, discounts and vouchers, etc. You can even create a specific tab just for that.

Facebook is also a good place to share visual content, like images and videos, that appeal to your audience.


Linkedin, on the other hand, is strictly professional, with a much more formal tone.

This is the place to provide background information and credentials about yourself and your Association, as well as establish relationships with other companies in your industry.

Don’t underestimate job-seekers or individuals with a professional interest in your field either, these people can be valuable as potential members or brand advocates.


Pinterest is the place to be really visual and delight your audience with stunning pictures, especially original ones.

Depending on the nature of your Association, Pinterest might be a great place to attract potential members.

It is important to pin others images but it is also important to pin appealing images that are linked to specific pages on your website.

The key on Pinterest is to capture your audience’s attention with an image, but at the same time it needs to provide value so they want to click through to know more.

Bonus Tip:

To really know and understand each platform, take some time on each one as a user. Share content, pin images, retweet others’ content, and get involved in conversations.

Only by truly immersing yourself in each social media network will you be able to truly grasp each one and understand its differences.

It’s also a great way to listen to the conversations taking place around your Association or your industry in general, and have a better understanding of the type of content your audience wants on each one, and how to deliver it.

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