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E-commerce Marketing

As an E-commerce Marketing Agency, our digital experts deliver successful and custom strategies for online stores and digital shops across a wide range of sectors. We do this by generating brand awareness, driving engagement and being retail focussed to increase sales, all for the best possible ROI.

User experience is crucial and putting yourself in the customers’ shoes is paramount, it’s not all about the hard sell. Connecting and resonating with your target audience is fundamental to a successful e-commerce strategy.

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E-commerce Organic Search & SEO

Organic Search (SEO) is the foundation of your ecommerce business and can be used to help boost your brand awareness, services and products to increase conversions. SEO strategies can be used throughout your website content and product descriptions.

Utilising the fundamental principles of SEO, such as keyword research you can drive potential customers to look closer at your products and services to start their buying journey and convince them you are a viable option for what they need.

PPC for E-commerce

PPC ensures your products are easily findable to your target audience, putting your ecommerce brand and services in front of the consumers you choose. Getting directly to your potential customers by way of targeting, requires knowledge and understanding of your target audience.

Utilising PPC to get your message to that audience involves creating a buzz or solving problems with your paid ads. This can be boosted by remarketing ads to ensure you stay in front of potential customers and nudge them in the right direction to influencing their buying process.

Ecommerce Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective, reliable and profitable digital marketing channels. It allows you to maximise e-commerce promotions, but competition is fierce so planning ahead is key. Reaching your customers ‘Inbox’ at the right time is important and guiding the customer to engage further.

Ecommerce email marketing campaigns should include Abandoned Cart emails for quick wins and Upsell emails will maximise sales and nurture existing customers.

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CRO for E-commerce

How hard does you website work? Our expert team can unlock your online e-commerce potential, direct more traffic to your website and create more valuable conversions. Website design isn’t just about looking pretty and CRO isn’t all about the hard sell, it’s about giving your customers what they want.

Using tried and tested CRO techniques we can turn your e-commerce site browsers into buyers. Maximising the key benefits, utilising high quality product images and highlighting top selling products can all help potential customers feel comfortable to make their buying decisions.

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E-commerce Social Media

Grabbing consumers attention on social media for e-commerce means standing out from the crowd and creating a buzz around your brand and products. Aggressive selling simply doesn’t work well on social media but demonstrating your experience and trustworthiness will engage customers and build faith.

Using social media to show how you can meet a customer’s needs or solve a problem will resonate. Storytelling content is great for social media, but be personable and don’t expect sales, participation or loyalty straight off.


In summary, our e-commerce digital professionals will work with you to ensure you have:-

  • The know how to connect and resonate with your e-commerce target audience
  • Well researched keywords and phrases that e-commerce consumers are using to search.
  • Compelling product descriptions to attract users and sell your products.
  • An e-commerce website turning browsers into buyers.
  • The right e-commerce website platform and structure.
  • Indepth monthly e-commerce reporting demonstrating ROI
  • E-commerce email marketing campaign strategies.
  • Best social media practices for promoting your e-commerce business.

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