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It’s always been human nature to respect other opinions and to trust their views.
When there’s an existing relationship this trust strengthens even further still.

Since its introduction, social media has dramatically changed the way we interact with each other and because of that, businesses have had to develop and change to be able to interact with consumers, and even other businesses. A fundamental part of a social media strategy is to develop trust amongst your audience, and as social media continues to grow so does our need to see others using brand products and services.

That is where we’ve seen the monumental rise of the influencer. The growth in influencer marketing from 2019 to 2020 is estimated to increase from $6.6 billion in 2019 to $9.7 billion in 2020. Some reports are saying it could reach $15 billion worldwide by 2022. For every $1 spent, businesses are receiving $5.78 in ‘media value’.

We are all impacted in some way by what other people suggest to us, or to coin a phrase ‘word of mouth’. This happens at work, out with friends and today online. This is the principle behind the influencer marketing industry, it’s an updated version of word of mouth. We all like influencers for different reasons, sometimes it’s their lifestyle or the way they market themselves, the values of the person or simply the content they share with us.

Identifying with influencers who are already engaging with your fans and customers can add huge value to your brand, whilst helping build trust in new business. Evolving rapidly over the past 5 years, it’s no longer just about going for the influencer with the most followers anymore (and this will likely cost you a huge sum of money)! Now, there are many merits in focusing on micro and even nano level influencers, providing a more targeted and trusted approach to your target audience. And it’s not just for the world of B2C and retail – when it comes to B2B influencer marketing stats, it’s probably not a surprise that 93% of overall influencer marketing is happening on Instagram. It’s an opportunity for B2B brands to utilise the visual marketing channel further.


Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing can be a really great way to reach new audiences, whether it be through sponsored ads or sending gifted products. But how do you know which one is more beneficial, and where do you start with who to target? Our strategy will look at your industry, your current target audience, and your products and goals. From there, we’ll identify the key influencers to strategically approach

We’ll then help you manage contracts and communication, creating content, following up and reporting on the success of each influencer campaign.


Why Use SocialB?

SocialB has been working with brands since 2008, producing social media strategies and managing clients’ influencer marketing campaigns on their behalf. We are able to produce excellent results due to a forward-thinking strategy that covers the next three months, as well as reacting to breaking and relevant news. Social media is an always-on platform and customers demand that it is used for a variety of reasons – customer service, business updates, industry-related news, humour and much more.

At SocialB we provide a strategic approach to your social media and influencer marketing, as this is essential. We develop strategies and content that will resonate with your audience, researching and contacting the right influencers to make sure we are sending the right content to your audiences.

Client Case Study - Sukin

Client Case Study - Sukin Influencer Marketing

Key Aims: Increase awareness in the UK by targeting key influencers with common skin conditions e.g. eczema.


  • Increased brand awareness in the UK market through targeted influencer outreach
  • Increased UK store coverage (Holland & Barrett) by creating demand through consumers (on Twitter) from 30 to 90 stores

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