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Attract and engage your audience, boost and convert leads and sales.

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The term ‘content marketing’ covers a wide range of media and different types of content creation, all providing information or entertainment, usually for free; but why?

Content marketing is one of the most cost effective techniques in attracting your audience, boosting and converting leads and sales.

To be sure that content created will deliver real results, whether this is blogging or social posts, producing video content or podcasts, content marketing should always be shaped with a business goal in mind.

National & International Content Marketing

As leading International Digital Marketing Agency, we understand that international content marketing requires an approach to content creation that involves tailoring to a global audience. Creating content that will appeal to someone in just one country (national content marketing) is relatively straightforward but ensuring the same content will appeal to an audience in another country requires an international content marketing strategy to take into account and consider the needs of each location.

It’s essential to understand the different social norms, cultural differences and expectations of the countries in which you market your content.  It is not always possible to simply take content marketing that works in one location and put it in the language of another.

Key Objectives for Content Marketing

• Drive traffic to key landing pages
• Create and spread brand awareness
• Generate social shares and backlinks
• Produce leads, convert sales and increase revenue

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Types of Content Marketing

One of the reasons there are many different types of content marketing is simply because no single type of content will appeal to every visitor. That’s why it’s important to vary content to suit your audience, keep things interesting and understand what works best for your business


Blogging is the content format most people think of as content marketing.  Blog posts are relatively easy to produce and done right can deliver real results.

Blog content can demonstrate your industry expertise, in addition to being worthy content for SEO and lead to an increase in search rankings.  You can also use guest blogging to build your inbound link profile.

While blogs can be relatively short in length, mixing with long-form content format, such as a ‘Guide to’ is another way to enhance your blogging and search results.

Video Content

Video marketing is one of the most popular consumed content marketing formats and is also a trusted source for many. Bite sized videos are quick and easy to digest and proven to grab attention online, generate traffic, views and engagement.

Live video content is also a popular format, while there are certain risks associated with live streaming videos, it’s a great way to connect with followers and customers.


Like video, podcasting is easily digestible, with the added advantage that it can be consumed while doing another activity such as driving.

Podcasting is a good platform for storytelling, with the average podcast listener staying connected for an average of 22 minutes, making podcasting a good long form content marketing strategy.


Infographics are still among some of the most shared content online and an effective content marketing format for businesses.

It’s important to get the graphic elements right, making your infographics attractive, and ensuring the information is interesting and reliable.

Social Content Marketing

Social media posts form part of your content marketing strategy and offer a format to react quickly to daily news and events, in addition to your planned social posts.

Social content marketing is where content marketing and social media for business come together. The rise of the social B2B buying journey and more connected consumers have seen the need for social content marketing tactics and strategies.

User Generated Content

People value and trust user generated content, whether this is in the form of case studies, reviews, social posts or comments. There are many ways to encourage and incentivise customers to get involved.

A content marketing strategy should leverage the power of user-generated content to strengthen your brand, increase your social following, drive traffic and boosts sales.

E-Books & Whitepapers

This type of content marketing works well to engage audiences, but it is not for every business.  Whitepapers and e-books need to target specifics to help the reader answer a question or solve a problem, using in-depth research and statistics adds strength to content.

They are not a marketing pitch and the hard sell wont work, but if you deliver what the audience wants, they can be extremely effective.

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