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Our team have been handpicked based on their exceptional experience and knowledge they can offer our clients.

Lynsey Sweales, CEO & International Digital Marketing Strategist

Having worked in digital marketing for over 20 years on both the strategic delivery side and training side, I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the world’s leading brands. I love nothing better than using my technical knowledge and hands-on experience to help global organisations grow their business in international markets alongside helping smaller brands on the next step of their digital journey of success.

As well as delivering training & talking at international conferences for SocialB clients, I’m also very privileged to be a Google Partner Trainer for the Google Digital Academy, which as part of the Google Masterclass program delivers training on all aspects of the Mobile Masterclass and Brand Solutions at Google offices across EMEA.

Outside of work you will find me in the great outdoors wild camping, skiing, bodyboarding, scuba diving or simply enjoying a long walk on the beach with my Hungarian Vizslas.

Google Partner Trainer | IDM Tutor | International Key Note and Conference Speaker

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Eleanor Bougie-Smith, Head of Digital

I have been with SocialB since 2014,  leading clients through training and management to help fulfil their digital marketing objectives. I currently lead the Digital Marketing team whilst overseeing all client accounts in PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Content Management. Working at SocialB has given me the chance to work with various industries, both from global corporate businesses to small start-ups. As well as managing the digital team, I also regularly train clients through our SocialB in-house social media and digital courses and speak at large scale conferences around the world.

I am fully Google Qualified and Bing Advertising Qualified which helps me keep on the ball when it comes to the ever-changing digital landscape.

My favourite part of daily life in SocialB is working with my brilliant team and watching them learn and grow within the company!

In my spare time, I’m also studying Japanese language (むずかしい !) – I am a self-confessed Japanophile through and through, with a keen interest in Japanese film, music and, most importantly, food. I have too many things I enjoy to have one single favourite but I am obsessed with modern day pop culture and how music, film, television and celebrity can go viral online through sheer hype and clever marketing tactics. I could literally write a thesis on this subject – maybe one day I will.

Karaoke song: You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette

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Pooja Shevade, Digital Skills and Knowledge Lead

I have been with SocialB since 2015 and have enjoyed working with clients across all aspects of digital marketing. I like to focus on getting the best ROI for the client and have an affinity for data and numbers. Conversion Rate Optimisation, Paid Search and SEO interest me the most and I can happily spend hours analysing clients’ analytics data to derive actionable insights.

I have a total work experience of over 10 years spanning across information technology and digital marketing. My previous experience includes working with clients in sectors ranging from healthcare to automobiles and insurance. I have worked on both client and agency sides and this has helped me to understand, communicate and manage expectations better for all involved parties.

At SocialB I have been lucky to work with a broad spectrum of clients both national and international and help their business achieve greater success online.

I am fully Google and Bing qualified and I currently also work as the Digital Skills and Knowledge lead for the SocialB team which gives me an opportunity to mentor the team in all things Digital to make sure we deliver the best to our clients and are always aware of the latest happenings in this ever-changing field.

On a personal note, I have two tiny munchkins who are my world. In my spare time (I am kidding! With two little ones who has spare time?!? ?) I like trying out new recipes and listening to music and dancing.

My all-time favourite movie is “One Fine Day” (George Clooney sigh!) and I am a die-hard fan of the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Su Naulls, Digital Marketing Account Manager

I work with the digital team here at SocialB as a digital marketing account manager. I work on various clients and help them with everything digital marketing related, like social media management, paid ads, content, conversion rate optimisation and most importantly strategy, so everything to assure our clients have enough ROI.
Before SocialB I mainly worked in-house with basketball clubs and federations.

My favourite thing about SocialB is that I get to work with many different clients and that the environment in the office is so friendly and helpful. But also snacks! Love the snacks in the office!
I have a childish side, I like to have a good time and love chocolate (hence the pinata). Outside of work you can find me watching basketball, playing volleyball, doing yoga or anything sporty as well as hanging out with my little sausage dog Millie and laughing at my cats Reg and Ime.
I’m a big fan of the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine and my favourite quote from it is ‘Oooh Mama’.

(Su is also fluent in three (!) languages  – English, Turkish and German)

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Richard Clarke, Digital Marketing Account Manager

I joined SocialB as a Digital Marketing Account Manager having been working for 4 years in Digital Marketing in Southampton. My passion is in SEO and PPC as I love the combination of creativity and analysis although I have experience in creating and managing successful multichannel campaigns involving Social Media, Email and more. I have also completed the Google qualifications.

Before falling for Digital Marketing, I studied Business & Finance at university. Since then I’ve worked for large multinational companies in the financial services sector as well as managing a small business with international customers.

Apart from the collaborative and free-thinking environment at SocialB, I most enjoy the chance to work with companies from a variety of industries, helping them to achieve their business objectives and grow.

Outside of work I have a young son who keeps me pretty busy. I’m also a huge fan of motorsport, in particular Formula 1. When I get the chance, I enjoy playing the drums and have been in a few bands in the past. At home I can often be found dancing in the kitchen while cooking.

Favourite quote “Live the life you love, love the life you live”

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Marco Morelli, Digital Marketing Account Manager

I’m a Digital Marketing Account Manager at SocialB and support our international clients on all aspects of digital marketing. Specialising in strategy, SEO and Paid campaigns, I bring my passion for good marketing to my training. Currently studying for my masters in Digital Marketing, I know there is always something new to learn when it comes to Digital. Having worked client side and within agencies for 5 years, I can adapt quickly to different industries and goals. My portfolio includes; B2B, B2C & wholesale campaigns, strategy setting and budget allocation, delivering excellent client results with out of the box thinking.

Away from the office, when not travelling around Europe, I am off hunting down the sunshine, good food and wine, wild camping spots by bike with my friends.

My Favorite quotes are “Love your fears” and “happiness is real only when shared”. Favourite books: Family Happiness (Tolstoj) and On the road (Kerouac).

(Marco is also fluent in three (!) languages – English, Italian and Spanish)

Somya Rastogi, Digital Marketing Account Manager

I work with the Digital Team as a Social Media Manager to help clients jazz up their social media presence, create interesting content, manage, optimise their paid campaigns and work on their overall communications strategy. I love to combine data and content to drive meaningful conversions for our clients.

My 7 years of work experience in the digital marketing sphere spans across social media marketing, influencers management, performance marketing, SEO/PPC and of course, content creation— videos, creatives, copywriting. In short, I like to dabble with everything creative!

At SocialB, am glad to be able to work for such a diverse clientele that’s across the globe! One thing that I absolutely love here is the work culture that constantly motivates you to learn and grow. It’s always a pleasure to work with a team that respects work-life balance— the coolest digital #dreamteam!

Apart from being a social media junkie, I love creating content for my travel blog, playing with dogs, chilling to Lo-Fi remixes and watching Netflix (FRIENDS on repeat)! Also, I am a foodie at heart who loves to try different cuisines. P.S.: Italian, Indian and Mexican delicacies are my favourite.

My all-time quote: Live in the present because everything else is a “Moo Point”- inspired by Joey from FRIENDS!

John Daniels, Digital Marketing Account Manager

After helping more than 300 businesses across 3 continents, I’ve settled in Edinburgh to focus on helping local organisations maximise results from their digital marketing, covering everything from website design, SEO, PPC, Facebook and LinkedIn. Just give me a difficult problem to solve and I’ll be in my element.

When not solving digital marketing problems for other people, I enjoy drinking coffee, hanging out with my wife and two cats, and pondering the mysteries of the universe.

My favourite quote is from the Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy: “Reason notwithstanding, the universe continued unabated.”

Mary Joy Fabiculana, Digital Marketing Executive

I have worked with SocialB as a Marketing Associate Intern in 2018 while finishing my post graduate degree in Business Administration. During my days with the team, I saw the value of teamwork and team dynamics whilst having fun at work. At SocialB learning is constant as technology continuously evolves.

I’m happy to be back with the team as a Digital Marketing Executive with a focus on social media management, content ideation, business intelligence and research. I also have more than 10 years work experience in account management, business development and strategic planning for both local and international clients.

Outside work, I enjoy reading books about personal development and mindfulness, trying out new recipes, getting on my motorcycle and strolling along the coast to watch that beautiful sunset or take a day hike on a mountain and be captivated with that glorious scenery at the peak

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Lauren Rosegreen, Digital Marketing Executive

As a Digital Marketing Executive at SocialB, I work on a variety of projects, from content creation to SEO, and I’m in my element when I can put my creative spin on things. Previously working on global campaigns for a work and travel company, my adept attention to detail has ensured project success across different countries, even when my ability to speak the language is questionable (je ne comprends pas?)

I’m really bubbly and love being around people. I spent my early twenties backpacking across the world, meeting people from all over, and choosing which country was next based on its wine and food. If there’s music playing, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me up on my feet dancing – and if I catch you watching, I’ll pull you over to join me!

Favourite film: The Holiday – and how lucky am I that it gets shown every year at Christmas? But seriously, the scene when Arthur (the elderly screenwriter) walks into the room full of people applauding makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.

Charlotte Travers, Operations Director

Joining SocialB as Training Administrator, I have worked across many roles within the business. I now focus my time on leading the training team as well as helping new clients make the most of our services, whether that’s training or campaigns on their behalf. I spend a lot of time looking to SocialB’s future and working out how we can get there together. This keeps me very busy and SocialB has its own time zone – time just flies by!

We all work so closely at SocialB and my favourite part is brainstorming together on a new client or project. We have also grown very quickly so finding and recruiting the team around me has been one of my biggest achievements.

In my spare time, I collect handbags, blazers and parking tickets.

Favourite Karaoke Song: Macy Gray – I Try

(Just name a time and place for karaoke, I’ll solo, duet or girl band)

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Aleksandra Tsoncheva, Office Manager

As an office manager at SocialB I provide administrative support for the whole team and ensure efficient operation of the office. Working closely with the training team, I also help with the organisation of our training courses, webinars and other events.

Originally from Bulgaria, I pursued a university degree in International and EU law at a Dutch university, after which I moved to the UK. I’ve been working in administration ever since, first for a law firm before eventually joining SocialB in 2017.

I love the organisational aspect of my job, however, I also very much enjoy working on a variety of creative projects.

In my free time, I really enjoy going to the gym, going for coffee, reading books and discovering new places to eat but my all time favourite is definitely being creative – whether it’d be drawing, painting or just doodling!

Fave series quote: Treat Yo Self! (Parks and Recreation)

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Evie Pettit, Training Account Manager

As a Training Account Manager, I am responsible for managing and developing relationships with our existing training clients, as well as identifying and pursuing new long-term partnership opportunities. We create and deliver the most up-to-date and tailored courses to suit the needs of any team looking to learn about social media and digital marketing – so that makes every day challenging and exciting!

Before joining SocialB, my background has been varied. I studied Writing, Directing, and Performance at the University of York. I spent seven amazing months traveling around Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. I’ve also worked in recruitment and sales prior to my role here at SocialB.

Outside of work, I love traveling and seeing new countries and cultures… especially the food (discovered Sriracha in southeast Asia, there the obsession began). Bucket list places that I am yet to visit include New Zealand, South Africa, and India.

My favourite quote (which has been said in some variation by many a philosopher, including Aristotle): “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” – Keep learning kids.

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Edwina Mullins, Social Media Trainer

For the past 6 years at SocialB I have been enabling our clients to create better business connections through great strategy and campaign execution. I focus on your go-to-market requirements and create solutions within training sessions that are bespoke to the situation and the attendee.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing our clients succeed after our input – it gives me a real sense of purpose.  I mix SocialB training with an in-house Head of Marketing role which ensures that I can stay up to date with the latest trends and understand the pressures of delivering campaigns.

My out of work passion is food and hospitality.  That has pulled me into learning about where our food comes from and I support a couple of farm2fork charities and care greatly about where our food comes from.   I am currently overseeing a self-build house project so learning about eco-building techniques. I should move in sometime in 2055…

Fav song – “We could have been anything” from Bugsy Malone.    It’s upbeat with a great message.

Simon Badman, Partner & Social Media Trainer

It’s great to be part of the SocialB family as a Partner and Trainer. When I came on board in 2012, there were a lot less of us, but it’s been an amazing journey, training and working with some incredibly well-known brands along the way. My background has been a mixture of marketing, digital, and training, spanning well over 25 years. As well as qualifications in adult teaching and online education I’ve also got qualifications in Google Adwords.

At SocialB, I live for that “Aha” moment, when one of our training clients not only grasps what they’ve discovered on our courses but feels confident to apply and implement it.

Outside of work, I’m involved in several local and community projects, including overseeing a business network. I love playing sport and playing the guitar, usually not together though.

Favourite comedian – Milton Jones

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Amy Hobson, Partner & Social Media Trainer

I have worked with SocialB as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Partner since 2015. After completing my degrees at Keele University and the University of Birmingham I am very lucky to have had over 20 years varied experience working with many different industries.  My expertise, however, is marketing and business development with a particular focus on franchising and retail.

I love training and my favourite part of any training course is seeing the “light bulb moments” when the delegates start to understand how digital marketing works and how they can apply it to their own business to really make a difference.  Knowing that our delegates leave the course armed with the knowledge and a plan to make positive changes is very rewarding.

I am a mum of four active boys (and a Cavapoo) and am a keen walker.

My favourite quote is “Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket”.  It reminds me that happiness comes from within and to be truly happy you have to love and respect yourself so you can take control of your own destiny.

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Ed Goodman, Partner & Social Media Trainer

I am a Digital Marketing Trainer, weighted towards Social Media, delivering open courses and tailored in-house courses, from Strategy to Campaign Management, and Customer Service to HR. These courses are mainly in London, but have also delivered in locations stretching from Surrey to Glasgow to Saudi Arabia. I’ve been delivering training courses for 20 years, social media courses for 7 years, and a partner at SocialB since 2015.

Every delegate I meet has their own social media story to tell which, when coupled their new knowledge from our time together, presents a new light behind their eyes and an excitement to put it to work. My enjoyment comes from meeting them and seeing the new engagement that follows the course. On top of this, I love the diversity of the organisations I am lucky enough to work with, covering public, private and charity sectors, as well as the places I get to visit too.

Outside of training, I am a Youth Football Coach, currently training an U13 team which I’ve lead since they were U8’s. I’m also learning to play the guitar, which seems to test my patience more than anything else.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou, American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist.

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Cheryl Vrinten, SEO Executive

Having worked at SocialB since 2012, I’ve had the privilege to work with both large brands and local businesses, focusing on SEO and content writing to help increase organic visibility and drive traffic for clients.

With over 20 years experience in the ever-changing world of SEO, I’ve seen many ‘strategies’ come and go, from when search was in its infancy to the powerful marketing tool it has become today. I still get a kick out of SEO when the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences and how it now fits into the world of digital marketing.

When it comes to time outside of work, I enjoy running, boxing and to relax walking the dog, which all helps me to keep up with my three children. If I have any spare time, you’ll find me hiding with a good book.

One of my favourite songs is ‘We Built This City’ by Starship, which brings me back to SEO – Want to know how? Then why not read my blog…and find out!

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Mary Floate, Content Executive

I have worked with SocialB on a freelance basis since 2016, creating content for a wide variety of clients across a broad range of industry sectors. From informative and interesting blogs to company-specific copy, the content I create supports SocialB’s marketing strategies.

Prior to joining SocialB, I worked for a variety of clients, creating original copy to engage the target audience. I am a passionate and creative writer and have produced high-quality content for a range of digital and print platforms.

I enjoy the variety involved in content creation. No two clients are the same and being able to translate an organisation’s brand and ethos into interesting and engaging copy is a challenging, yet rewarding process.

When I’m not scrunched up on the sofa with my laptop, I’m out, stretching my legs. I’m a regular runner and practice several forms of yoga.
My all-time favourite song is Black by Pearl Jam and I love a Netflix series binge.

Ann Robb, Digital Marketing Trainer

I use my 20+ years’ experience in digital marketing to help businesses grow and flourish. From working on marketing strategy for large companies (RBS, Scottish Widows, Tesco Bank, Diageo and Tennent Caledonian Breweries) to founding two businesses (a specialist marketing recruitment firm and a health and beauty e-commerce company), means that, above all, I really understand business.

Five years ago, I evolved from consultancy into training to enable me to share my digital experience with others.  I started by raising my personal brand on LinkedIn and by running LinkedIn Masterclasses for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.  I was then approached by the Google Digital Academy to be a trainer and I now I travel across Europe facilitating Google’s Brand Activation Labs to enable clients to shape their brand and business with a customer-centric and digital-first mindset.

When I’m not working, I’m usually being a taxi service for my 17-year-old son or enjoying long walks with my husband and my little Norfolk Terrier, Alfie.  I’m also a big fan of in-studio spinning; I just love the music and the high energy of the classes.

I’m delighted to be an associate with SocialB; having worked with their CEO, Lynsey, on the Google Labs I know her to be an outstanding trainer with a great work ethic.  As a business SocialB is dedicated to the wellbeing of their team and are always introducing new ways to keep their team, happy healthy and motivated.

Amanda Walls, Digital Marketing Trainer

I have over 10 years’ digital marketing experience spread across Australia, Singapore & the UK. In particular, I have in-depth experience across Google Analytics & AdWords with a focus on Search Engine Optimisation & Pay-Per-Click. I’m a fully qualified in AdWords, Analytics & Bing Ads & I have a strong technical knowledge across content management systems. I have spent the last three years working heavily in the training industry on programs with businesses & individuals aimed at improving digital skills & closing the digital skills gap.

My favourite thing about working with SocialB is being able to deliver training to both businesses & individuals. Training is a hugely rewarding experience & it’s great to see the results of our work when attendees walk away with lots of new skills & areas to action!

When I’m outside of work you will most likely find me at the gym, travelling to various different countries or attending a concert.

My favourite band is Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers.

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