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Engagement Is The Key To Social Media Success

Since its introduction, social media has dramatically changed the way we interact with each other. Businesses have had to develop and change to be able to interact with consumers, and even other businesses.

Social media management has become one of the most important tools in the marketing toolkit, and it should be one of your most important too. But with so many types of social media channels available to you and your brand, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

At the start of 2020 the world population stood at 7.8 billion,
over 3.5 billion of those were active social media users.

Engaging with your fans and customers, providing a personal response, and encouraging conversation can add huge value to your brand, whilst helping build trust in new business.

Evolving rapidly over the past 5 years, social media is dominated by media in the form of images and video. Key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat require good quality images to capture the interest of your audience.

When it comes to social media, creating engaging content that reflects your brand will help generate lasting relationships.

In the UK the population is just over 66 million,
with 44 million of us being active social media users.

At SocialB we can offer a range of social media services from;

PPC agency

Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid Social Media can be a really great way to reach new audiences, whether it be through promoted or sponsored posts. You can use promoted posts to send targeted traffic to your profile pages or straight through to your website. You can use paid social to increase brand visibility, generate awareness or even sell products.

We’re experts in all paid ads, so chat to us about how to get your business in front of the right audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is an excellent way to have a complete service taken off your hands and run by an external agency. Having your social channels run by SocialB means implementing a full strategy with agreed-upon goals and targets. All content is gathered from both parties to make sure full transparency is assured, ensuring you are happy with what is being said on your business’s social media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social Influencing will soon become one of the most important aspects of all marketing, due to the rise of social media and people trusting individuals over brands more and more. Influencer marketing can be a great direction no matter what industry your business sits in. Using authentic content and sharing it on social media is a great way to generate brand awareness, motivate buying intention and drive traffic.


Social Media Audits

Do you think your social media channels are running well but could be better? At SocialB we can execute very detailed reports on what you are doing well and what you could improve on. We look at all aspects of your social media and assess how you can start to use your social media purposefully. Talk to us to find out more!

54% of social browsers use social media to research products

Measuring marketing success

Measuring Success

At SocialB we live for success so it’s important for us to be able to measure it in accordance with what you require and aligned with your business objectives. Whether this is organic engagement, lead generation, website traffic or follower growth – we make sure that we measure the success correctly.

We provide custom, personalised PDF reports every month, so you can see the success grow month on month. Our reports are easy to understand, together with regular communication and monthly reviews with your account manager, we guarantee complete transparency. This ensures your campaign is focussed on your chosen KPIs while also helping you to feel closer to the work we complete.

bespoke marketing solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Every organisation is different. This is why we create a bespoke package that is right for you. We don’t offer prices for set service packages, instead, we’ll formulate the best solution for your requirements.

This way you’re not paying for unnecessary services, only what is right for your business, saving you money while maximising your budget.

Always By Your Side

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to create a successful strategy that works for your business. Your account manager takes a hands-on role in completing the work, with the assistance of an appointed client support contact to implement your campaign.

This way you can rest assured that there is always someone on hand who knows your campaign inside out, ensuring clear communication and agility at all times.

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Why SocialB?

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Client Support - 2nd Point of Contact
  • Bespoke Pricing
  • Custom Built Packages
  • Audience & Engagement Growth
  • Lead Generation
  • Strategy Creation & Development
  • Insights, Benchmarks & Trends
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Social Media Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Monthly Reporting

SocialB has been working with brands since 2008, producing successful social media strategies and managing clients’ accounts on their behalf. We are able to produce excellent results due to a forward-thinking strategy that covers the next three months, as well as reacting to breaking and relevant news.

Social media is an always-on platform and customers demand that it is used for a variety of reasons – customer service, business updates, industry related news, humour and much more.

At SocialB we provide a strategic approach to your social media, as this is essential. We develop content that resonates with your audience, researching and creating content calendars with relevant posts to make sure we are posting the right content to your audience.

We join in conversations around trending stories to show leadership and build a much stronger connection between you and your consumers.

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Client Testimonial - Hang Dr

Client Testimonial - Hang Dr Lloyd McAuliffe - Managing Director

“Using SocialB has benefited our company in a huge way. We did not realise just how much social media could influence our sales and it helped us to increase our sales over a 6 month period. We have learned so much about social media and how it can help to improve and promote a company. We would recommend and tell people to use SocialB.”

Some Of Our Social Media Clients

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