Content Marketing Ideas – How to Reach a New Audience Without Creating New Content

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Content marketing and the creation of engaging, entertaining and inspiring content takes both time and effort.  When it comes to content marketing ideas, originality is usually crucial for effective content, but there is one way to short cut and reach new audiences without creating new content.

Repurposing content you already have is a smart way to recycle your hard work and expand your reach even further. As well as saving time and resources, it can help to achieve better organic visibility, improve search ranking results and ROI.

How to Repurpose Old Content?

Repurposing already successful content is a good place to begin and can be as simple as reviving a popular topic. If a particular blog struck a chord with your audience, then look at how you can repurpose the content and turn it into a podcast, video or live stream.

Why not use an in-depth blog to create a series of social media posts to tell a story. It can give a new perspective to your content marketing and let you add snippets of knowledge or something helpful along the way.

Another example is to create a summary video out of your blog or written content either by PowerPoint or presenting in person and break down the key points of an article in a quick and digestible way. You can then link viewers back to the original written content if they want to find out more.

When turning content into a video or live streaming, ensure you have a clear headline, introduction, message, and conclusion with a call to action.  It’s worth considering adding subtitles, as text captions let everyone understand your video even if their sound is muted.

By only blogging you are engaging with just a 1/3 of your audience, look at what has worked well and what resonated with your existing customers. Using this knowledge you can reach more people and new audiences while helping with SEO too.

Recycling ‘Not So Good’ Content

There’s a massive opportunity here to recycle content that may have been hastily written or tweak and improve a landing page that is not achieving the results you wanted.  Maybe the content theme fits a short video better than the written word to capture the attention of users better.

What is Channel Repurposing?

Taking your content and reusing it elsewhere is a good way to test channels you are not currently utilising in order to promote your content.

People consume information in different ways and on different platforms. While your content might do well on a particular channel, recycling it and reformatting with a makeover for Instagram for example could let you reach a whole new younger audience.

Why Should Repurposing be Part of Your Content Strategy?

Original and fresh content should be the main stay of your content marketing strategy, but don’t overlook the power of recycling your archive content.  Dip into your analytics and see what content you could give a new lease of life to and where you could promote it more effectively.

By adding recycled content into your strategy, you can supercharge your content marketing with less effort, while connecting with new customers. Repurposing content offers a smart approach to build off previous content successes and generate additional opportunities.

Why don’t you try putting a new spin on your old content?

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