Google Ads – The Future Of AdWords And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

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At the end of last month, Google announced that it was rebranding Google Adwords. As of July 24, Google AdWords will instead be called Google Ads.  The rebranding combines all Google advertising platforms under the Google Ads umbrella.

Impact On Current Campaigns?

According to Google, not much has changed and the rebranding won’t affect advertisers’ campaigns. Advertisers can still continue to target its Search Network, Display Network or both. Google explains, however, that

Starting July 24, 2018, you will begin to see the new Google Ads brand—including the new name and logo—reflected in the product interface, Help Center, billing documents, and more.

What Does It Mean For Businesses?

With this rebranding, Google wants marketers to look at  Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Apps, Maps, Gmail and partner ads as one unit rather than individual units with their own goals and budgets.

The Google AdWords rebrand ‘ Google Ads represents the full range of advertising capabilities we offer today – on and across our other properties, partner sites and apps – to help marketers connect with the billions of people finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, exploring new places on Google Maps, discovering apps on Google Play, browsing content across the web, and more

– Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce at Google (From Google Adwords Blog)

Source: Google Blog

As part of the rebranding, Google also announced Smart campaigns which will now be the default campaign in the new Google Ads. With Smart campaigns, Google promises that small businesses can set up ads in virtually no time, with Google following up to determine how the ads are performing, and making optimizations based upon feedback from the account manager. The SMB market is the biggest untapped source of new revenue that exists, due to the difficulty in reaching and onboarding small business advertisers.

Smart Campaigns are Google’s way of adding incremental revenue by reaching the SMB market and making the platform easier to use.

Impact On Agencies

Google wants to encourage businesses to succeed with Google Ads. With Google Ads, Google continues to work towards lowering the entry barriers to online advertising. Smart Campaigns will largely be automated and help small businesses advertise their business online faster. However, for businesses who wish to optimise their campaigns for specific business objectives,  manual campaign management will continue to be available. This will, of course, require a more experienced campaign manager to optimise the campaigns for successful outcomes. This requires analysis,  research and creative thinking that a digital marketing agency like SocialB can provide.


With Google Ads, Google aims to reach its audience in every nook and corner and make it very easy for them to start advertising with Google. If you’d like to learn more about how you can take advantage of Google ads and Smart campaigns,  contact us today!

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