Favourite Halloween Marketing Ideas (1)

SocialB’s Favourite Halloween Marketing Ideas

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It’s time to get spooky! My second favourite time of year is here (can you guess what number 1 is?), and with it comes some scarily good marketing campaigns! Last year, the UK saw a 3% increase in retail spend, hitting £472m, meaning the marketing campaigns were clearly doing something right!

Here is some of the creative content that made us scream with joy last year, and some ideas that you could even try this year!

A Ghastly Rivalry!

The cheeky flippers at Burger King decided to toy with their rivals last year and pulled a prank worthy of the finest tricksters on Halloween! At a location in New York, Burger King covered their store in a huge white sheet, imitating a ghost… but not just any ghost. The ghost of their main competitor, McDonalds! The sheet played on the McDonalds logo and famous golden arches to create a ghostly face, with a special sign that read “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” Savage! Burger King Halloween 2016

Save The Pumpkins!

One of the scariest things about Halloween is the waste it produces in its aftermath. It’s reported that around 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are thrown away each year so in 2016 Tesco took it upon themselves to set up 10 ‘pumpkin rescue stations’ across north London to save them from going to waste. Admittedly, Tesco’s brand sentiment hasn’t always been brilliant but this campaign saw a 58% overall lift in positive brand sentiment across social media.

Scarily Good Emails!

Tease your audiences with some offensively good offers and get creative with your email content! If your mailing software supports it, try playing with GIFs to add some spooky surprises to your imagery. Take this great example from the retail fashion brand, Monki. Using a cute clip of a girl fixing her vampire teeth, and adding products to inspire you to create the perfect outfit. Also, a ‘Mean Girls’ quote always goes down a treat and suits their demographic perfectly!

Trick Or Treat

It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom on Halloween! Try treating your customers with discount codes, free shipping, free ebooks etc. for a special treat. Avoid the tricks, though… customers might not take too kindly to them (but it could make you go viral…).

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