International Training and Conferences

Drawing on expert industry know-how, our speakers and trainers provide insightful, helpful and impactful training and talks across the UK and Worldwide.

SocialB’s experts are well versed in providing bespoke digital marketing and social media marketing conferences, training sessions or panel discussions during an organisation’s event or training day.

SocialB has experience in working with a huge variety of sectors which has given our experts detailed insight into how different industries have developed and implemented digital marketing and social media strategies.

We have previously spoken for Associations World Congress, BFI Recruitment Conferences, DIT and Chartered Management Institute as well as many other sectors and locations around the world. We have also trained businesses in the United States, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, China and many more.

If you are looking for an expert speaker, or bespoke training session in the UK or overseas, feel free to get in touch to chat through your options.

We Are Global

We Are Global Digital Solutions To Find Your Audience

While the ‘world’ of international digital marketing has many considerations, it equally has many opportunities to expand and grow your business globally. So many agencies simply rebrand and translate an existing strategy, without understanding the culture and language.

At our international events, we explain how you can create a strategy for your international digital marketing to maximise the overseas opportunities available to you (and potentially discover some you’d never even thought of).

Get in touch with us today, we'd love to speak at your event!

Track Your Success

Track Your Success You don’t have to be an expert to use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool for reporting and understanding your website traffic and where it comes from.

In our Google Analytics beginners and advanced talks, we map out in layman’s terms how to understand your website traffic. Our aim for the day is to take you from being baffled by the sheer amount of information in GA to being able to measure ROI and focus your marketing budgets on the most profitable campaigns.

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The SocialB team have worked all around the world, speaking to audiences on a range of topics across both niche and mass markets. If you are looking for a speaker, no matter the industry, we can apply our extensive knowledge to the audience in the room.

Although we have a list of hot topics to talk about right now, we welcome requests or ideas, and any opportunity you may have for us to provide speaking services at your conference or event.

If you are in need of a marketing speaker, let us know.

Examples Of Our Previous Line Ups:

  • Staying Agile In Digital – Are you a trailblazer or a digital dinosaur?
  • Why your organisation is losing out on business online
  • Marketplace Maximisation – Expert insights into Amazon and eBay
  • How to win your CEO over for digital marketing investment
  • How to use social media for customer service
  • How to incorporate Gen Z into your marketing strategy
  • Save precious time using digital marketing automation
  • Mastering recruitment on social media
  • Vanity metrics – Out with the vanity, in with the sanity
  • B2B influencer marketing – why influencers are not just for the B2C market
  • Content success – are you a content chameleon or megaphone?
  • Blueprint to digital marketing success
  • 4 Key S’s to Social Media Success
  • How and why influencers should be on your radar
  • Creating a masterplan for CRO
  • What CEOs need to know about digital marketing
  • How to take your digital marketing international
  • Content is king, engagement is Queen
  • How to attract talent via social media

We can deliver any of these talks for you, but if you have something in mind you need a speaker for, let us know and we can work together to meet your needs.

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Regardless of your sector, we can help your audience make the most of their digital marketing.

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