Online Digital Challenger Workshop

Online Digital Marketing Strategy Challenger Workshop

This live online interactive workshop is for organisations who are already using digital channels but need help with their strategy. The challenge they'd like to overcome is utilising these channels to generate a positive return on investment

Ideal for national and international organisations this workshop isn’t about how to use digital channels but how through focusing on your customer’s wants and needs how to use these channels to generate more business.

This online fully interactive workshop is for organsiations who are using digital channels but not seeing their desired outcomes from their outputs.

Ready to make a real impact with your digital marketing?

  • Online fully interactive live workshop delivered over four sessions (2 hours each)
  • Limited to only 12 people to ensure you get the most out of this workshop
  • Receive bespoke feedback, hints tips & actions relevant for your business in your current situation
  • Hands on exercises for you to work on relevant for your organisation
  • Relevant for both B2B and B2C national and international organisations
  • Work individually as well as a team to each create your digital strategy & action plans
  • Delivered by an international digital marketing expert who doesn't just train but creates & delivers strategies & campaigns
  • Walk away with a first draft actionable strategy to implement within your organisation

Course Programme

Digital Strategy Success - Live Online Workshop Session One (two hours)

- Rewinding back – the most important place to start your digital strategy
- Understanding your audience
- Wearing the shoes of your audience
- Understanding their journey and the opportunities you have to jump on with added value

Hands On: The SocialB Strategy

- Work with our trainer through our tried and tested strategy document and how you can create a reliable yet flexible winning strategy applied to your organisation

The Customer Journey - Live Online Workshop Session Two (two hours)

- What is the customer journey and why businesses are missing 90% of it
- Know who your audience is and how to target them at the right time with the right message
- Hurdles you should look out for
- Understanding your customer better to make more money

Hands On: Mapping Your Customer & Their Journey

Who do you think your ideal customers are, where are they, what are their needs at each point of their journey

Captivating Content - Live Online Workshop Session Three (two hours)

- Why content is business-critical
- How and content is going to captivate them
- Understanding what content is relevant for your target customers journey (text, video, imagery, and podcast)

Hands On: Working out your content gaps

Identifying the content gaps for your organisation and planning content for each area of customer intent

Measurement - Live Online Workshop Session Four (two hours)

- Creating goals, milestones and measuring your success against these
- What should you be reporting on?
- Creating monthly reports that help make informed decisions

Hands On: Measurement relevant to your organisation

Identifying and setting up KPIs relevant to your organisation. relevant for you as well as KPIs relevant for your stakeholders/management team.

Online fully interactive live workshop delivered over four sessions (2 hours each)

Why SocialB?

First-hand experience from a company that manages digital marketing for international brands across many sectors. Learn how to focus your efforts on the channels that work for brands, depending on your industry and overall goals for growth. Save time and resources by measuring your results effectively.

During this online workshop, you can benefit from the tools and techniques that are used by our clients. Take the time to apply them to your industry and your organisation but also share ideas with other people if you want to.

Key Benefits;

– Global Industry Expert Tutors

– Highly actionable & interactive learning

– Course content provided in PDF format

– Digital strategy template provided

– Access to SocialB’s exclusive online group

Who Should Attend?

This online workshop has been developed for key decision-makers within your organisation, those responsible for the creation, management and delivery of a marketing strategy.

Do you have a robust and coherent strategy in place to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities you are using? Are you running campaigns but not seeing profitable ROI?

The SocialB team have drawn from nearly 20 years of experience, client discussion and extensive market research to create this full-on online workshop, helping Marketing professionals of national and international organisations with the important process of marketing strategy planning. Securing your place onto this online workshop will give you the tips, tricks and tools needed to hit the ground running for the rest of the year and beyond.

If you’re not sure if this course is the one for you, or if you need any help and advice getting enrolled, get in touch with one of our team.

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