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What Is Influencer Marketing?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the act of leveraging an individual’s platform to place a brand in front of a specific audience, whether the objective is to raise awareness, launch a product, drive sales or maintain market share. Some gain followers through their work, others through their lifestyle, but Influencers can be found across all niches and on any channel – anywhere an individual can build a following.
In a world where consumers are increasingly sceptical of marketing messages, never before has there been a better opportunity to give your business a face & voice, enabling your product or service to be communicated in an effective, authentic way to your target audience.

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Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Is influencer Marketing worth it, what’s all the hype about…
As human beings we trust the words of our peers more than the corporate messaging we’re so often bombarded with from businesses online. Influencers give businesses a spokesperson, an advocate for the brand.

Influencers are proven to be an efficient way of communicating with your audience & placing your brand in-front of the right people at the right time, in fact some studies suggest the average return for every $1 invested is $5.20.
Can you afford not to see that kind of ROI?

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Our Services

  • – Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • – Influencer Identification & Discovery
  • – Full Campaign Management
  • – Analysis & Vetting Of Influencers
  • – New Service & Product Launches
  • – Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • – B2B Influencer Marketing
  • – UK, Europe & Global Markets
  • – Strategic Campaign Delivery
  • – Audience Profiling
  • – In-Depth Reporting
  • – ROI Focus Throughout

Our Process

With over 11 years of dedicated experience within the Influencer Marketing space, SocialB is well positioned to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, meeting the needs of business and brands by delivering impactful campaigns which drive positive ROI. We create strategy-first campaigns based on your end objective(s) and find Influencers who speak directly to your target audience, Influencers who are respected within their niche, and those able to communicate your product/service effectively and authentically. We’re able to manage the relationship between brand & Influencer whilst ensuring both parties are protected legally and financially.

Reporting and accountability is a priority for our team – running trackable campaigns allows us to show brands how effective Influencer Marketing can be, whilst ensuring your marketing budget is invested wisely.

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