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If your website is targeting a particular country or countries, then international SEO is fundamental to ensure you pin point your audience. You need to inform search engines that you want to target a specific country, building a website in a different language is simply not enough.

At SocialB, as an International SEO agency, we optimise websites to lead search engines to your country or language specific content so it can be indexed in the correct region or country.

Whilst international SEO may appear to be complex, we guide our international clients through the process from competitor and keyword research through to language meta tags and search marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

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Technical options for International websites

International SEO starts with a user friendly technically correct website, ensuring strong geo-targeting signals. When it comes to websites for international markets, there are three main website structures to choose from; country-coded top-level domains (ccTLDs), subdomains and subdirectories. It is essential to get these basics right for the countries you are pin pointing.

To rank well in specific countries the key is to get the correct pages to appear with the right messaging in the right language. Using the search tools and signalling methods available, for example ‘hreflang tags’ will tell search engines how and where to deliver your landing pages.

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