Services – International SEO

If your website is targeting a particular country or countries then international SEO is fundamental to ensure you reach your audience. You need to inform search engines that you want to target a specific country, building a website in a different language is simply not enough.

At SocialB, we optimise websites to lead search engines to your country or language specific content so it can be indexed in the correct region or country. Whilst international SEO may appear to be complex, we guide our international clients through the process from competitor and keyword research through to language meta tags and search marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Our international SEO experts, understand how different cultures, search engines, and language translation can affect search results and will work with you to plan an international SEO strategy. For example, although Google rules the majority of the worldwide search engine market, in China Baidu dominates the market rather than Google and in Russia, the market leader is Yandex.

As an international SEO agency, we are also a Google Partner, so when it comes marketing your global website we are well placed to manage all your international search requirements, including measuring your SEO success and return on investment using Google Analytics.

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