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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be a key tool in every online marketing plan. It is something that requires time and investment and can’t be switched on and off throughout the year. A successful SEO strategy considers your website, content, social media and other marketing tools available to you. We have worked across many client accounts that have never implemented SEO onto the site as well as clients who have been hit with Google penalties that need urgent help to recover their search rankings.

We begin every SEO strategy with an SEO audit to understand what work has been done in the past and what is being done at present. From here we can devise a plan to deliver a successful SEO strategy across all of your online profiles. The fundamentals of professional SEO services, don’t just apply to search engines like Google – YouTube, Twitter & Facebook can all be optimised to bring traffic to your website. Consider this; if your website all of a sudden didn’t appear in Google, how many visitors to your website would you have?

SocialB are professional SEO experts and any work we recommend will be explained in full and put in context as to why and how this will benefit your website. It is really important for us to know that you understand the work we are doing on your website and more importantly that you see the results. Whether you require or national or International SEO services, our experienced team can create and implement a strategic plan to increase the visibility of your website.

Whether you require an audit of your existing website text or require us to research and write content from scratch, we provide you with guidance and advice to help your website provide a real return on investment. For a website to be successful updating it regularly with engaging, interesting content is key.

Visit Europearrow

Visit Europe

International SEO Project

SocialB were commissioned to provide an SEO audit of the Visit Europe website and to provide on-site training as well as multi-lingual SEO translation. This three-month project helped the client to understand the SEO issues affecting their website and our full day of SEO training helped to educate their team about the importance of SEO best practice.


Latest Google Algorithim Update

"Fred" — March 2017

There has been a lot talk regarding this unconfirmed update, with some people claiming this is a major SERP update. Google have been quite sparse with their information regarding the update so far.


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