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Why Is Social Media Important?

The world is a big old place, and one of the biggest and most effective ways of getting your Birmingham based business out into it is through social media marketing.

37% of people on the planet are on at least one form of social media platform. We did the maths (with a calculator), and that adds up to 2.77 billion people. That’s a very big pie, and through a good social media strategy, we can help you get your slice of it.

We’ll take your company from Birmingham to the world, creating new leads and audiences, whilst nurturing the loyal customers that you already have.

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Social Media Management & Training

Think of SocialB as your very own in-house social media team. Except, we’ll be in our offices, not yours. We’re a highly skilled and experienced group of digital marketing experts (if we do say so ourselves), and we’ll help you on every step of the way to transform your social media presence from what it is, to what it could be.

Or Birmingham social media services will help to look after your current customer base, increasing CRO and maximising results, whilst also reaching out and developing new relationships with potential customers. All whilst you have the time and space to focus on the bigger picture.

From increasing engagement rates and follower counts to creating and implementing paid ad strategies, we’ve got you covered. We’re well versed across all social platforms, and our number one aim is to achieve your goals and generate results.

If you already have an in-house team of your own, then take a look at our social media training courses. We’ll make sure that everyone is up to date on best practice when it comes to strategy, content creation, tone of voice and more.

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Social Media Management in Birmingham

We’re the agency that knows exactly how to help you get the most from your social media platforms.

Our experienced team of experts have a long history of running various campaigns for clients both big and small, across every social platform.

Whether you’re a small local company or a worldwide corporation, we’ve got experience across the entire spectrum and have achieved great results for all of our clients.

We’ll work with you to build and implement a successful social media strategy that’s focused on the goals that you want to achieve. We’ll be responsible for your platforms, monitor the engagement and regularly be in touch with detailed reports.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then get in touch and find out what our Social Media Management service can do for you.

Some of our clients

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Existing Client Successes

We’ve achieved fantastic results for a wide variety of clients in our time, whether in Birmingham or further afield.

Our devoted team of experts can turn their creative hands to just about anything, from tattoo supplies to vitamin supplements and everything in between.

One of our highest priorities is frequent and transparent communication with our clients. We never want you to feel like you’re being left in the dark, so you’ll always know how your platforms are performing and what we’re doing to generate results for your business.

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