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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Mar 2012 by Lynsey Sweales
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Facebook social networking site has more than half a billion users. If you are a business and want to tap into this audience (i.e consumers) you need a Facebook for Business page presence. Facebook provides you with a huge marketing opportunity for you to share information on your business, photos/videos, provide customer support, competitions, latest news but of course primarily engage with your target audience.

Creating Your Page

You can create a Facebook for Business page for your company very easily – this has to be set up via your personal Facebook profile.  Once you have set up your official Facebook business page with your information about your services / products you wish to share, together with company logo, images etc.   start posting some engaging content (do this before you start promoting your Facebook business page to others) you are ready to get Facebook users to “like” your page to start building up your own audience.

Attracting your target audience

First of all, make sure your facebook page is prominent on your website (often overlooked).  If you have a newsletter, blog and/or mailing list then use these along with your other social networking platforms to tell people you are on Facebook and entice them in. Send out an announcement with a link to your Facebook business page and invite them to join your community and use the Facebook logo where possible to advertise the fact that you do indeed have a Facebook for Business page.

You do have the option to pay for Facebook Ad’s to promote the existence of your Facebook business page, which enables you to reach your target audience by location, age and interests, try out some image and text based adverts to see what works, connects with over 800 million potential customers and allows you to control a budget that you are comfortable with.

Engaging Customers

So you have a Facebook for Business page, you need to make sure that you give your audience a reason to visit your Facebook for Business page and keep on coming back. The content that you provide has to be frequent, fresh and engaging similar to effectively building an audience for a blog. Incite comments and feedback from Facebook users and groups and create a sense of community where people are provided with tips and tricks on your products and services rather than a sales pitch. Give your potential customers a space to share their views, photos and so on to get them involved and engaged  and not a place where they are just informed of things.

Make sure you take advantage of the massive audience Facebook for Business page(s) has to offer and by all means contact us if you need any assistance.