Which Online Giant is Opening a New Store This Year?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 21 May 2021 by Lynsey Sweales
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While we’ve seen many bricks and mortar stores close over the last 12 to 14 months one giant is bucking a trend.

Can you guess who?

Yes, that will be Google but why?

Well, brands like Google and Amazon are a little different from many of the brands that have had to close their doors. They put customers at the centre of their world and focus on experience and being helpful.

The new Google Store is set to open this summer in the Chelsea area of New York City. Google customers will be able to browse and buy a wide selection of Google products from Pixel phones to Nest products, Fitbit FIT devices to Pixelbooks and more.

Now you might think tech giants like Google and Amazon would avoid physical stores, but you’d be wrong. They know to win you have to be where people are BUT also provide a truly omnichannel experience. Adding a physical store isn’t just a destination, it adds value to the person, provides that person with the experience they are looking for. There are times when you want to just go and touch the product, feel it, try it on and talk to a real person about it, of course, it also helps them with 1P data and context.

As you would expect, Google will have experts on hand to help visitors get the most out of their devices, such as troubleshooting an issue, fixing a cracked device screen or helping customers with installations. By stepping into their customers shoes, Google know what their customers want and can solve their issues and add real value.

Jason Rosenthal, VP, Direct Channels & Membership, at Google, said “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time Pixel user, are curious about our Nest displays or want to participate in one of the how-to workshops we’ll offer throughout the year — our team will be able to provide you with help that’s specific and personalized to your needs.”

These brands are true innovators and demonstrators of true customer-centricity. You can read about more about Google’s first store opening here.


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