Digital Round Up – August 2020

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Digital Roundup

How is it autumn already? And what has the digital world been up to in August?

The first question is a bit hard to answer, but for the second one, the answer’s down below.

August has been another crazy month, but we’ve seen many great updates from various different companies again. You can find updates on Facebook’s new interface, new Instagram features and Google’s new platforms and tools in this month’s digital round-up. Go on, get reading!

Facebook’s New Look and Pinned Comments on Instagram

Facebook has been at work again this month, rolling out updates on not just Facebook but Instagram as well. Although people don’t seem to be as excited about these updates as some of the other ones before.

Facebook has released a new interface, and we all know what happens when Facebook has a new look. This time was no different as people don’t seem too pleased about it.

We’ve seen many tweets about how the new interface is not very user-friendly and people are struggling to find what they’re looking for.

Some users have even mentioned almost reporting a post, when all they were trying to do was ‘laugh’ at the post.

Most of the time things calm down after people get used to the new look, so we will see if that’s the case this time as well. Let us know what you think of the new interface!

The other update from Facebook was the ability to pin comments on Instagram. You can pin up to 3 comments on your posts.

Instagram’s new feature is believed to give the account holder the ability to manage the conversation a bit better and highlight positive comments.

Just find the comment you want and swipe left on it. The first icon on the left should be the pin one. Once you click on it, that comment will be pinned to the top. The comments are sorted by Instagram’s algorithm as well, so being able to pin some of them to the top is great, as that can prevent important comments from being lost.

Definitely a good feature to have, don’t you think?

Boom In Video Content

Whether you’re sharing TikToks or posting the funniest new memes in your group chats, long-form and short-form video are the most-shared content on social media.

Facebook are number one in terms of active users; however, YouTube is a close second.

Although Instagram might be regarded as the place to be for influencers, more and more brands and marketers are migrating to YouTube.

Instagram is trying to breathe new life into their IGTV side of the app. With IGTV introducing landscape videos, it’s a case of waiting and seeing how brands take up the chance, which could make it easier to repurpose video content from other platforms.

We must also mention the new kid on the block; TikTok. The born-again Vine platform may be getting all of us marketers thinking “How can it be utilised for businesses”, but its popularity with the younger audiences and influencers is telling. With well over 1.5 billion users, calling the platform a ‘fad’ would be an insult.

Whatever their size, brands shouldn’t hold back on video content anymore. All you need is a smartphone with video and you’re ready to go!

All Stories

Stories have been one of the largest social media trends of the past couple of years and things don’t look like they’re slowing down in 2020. Instagram are the big players when it comes to Stories however, Facebook Stories are on par in terms of engagement with roughly 500 million daily users.

Due to the popularity of Instagram Stories, IG have confirmed that they are rolling out a new feature on selected accounts called ‘All Stories.’ This innovative feature allows Instagram users to browse through all of the stories from the accounts they’re following. Users will also see two lines of stories at the top of the app with a button to ‘See All Stories.’

We believe that the rate of which content is being consumed these days creates way more opportunities for app developers and also brands, content creators and influencers.

Audio Advertising and App Campaign Updates

Google HQ has given us loads to write about again this month! We’ll start with Google’s expansion to its audio advertising options.

We love podcasts here at SocialB, there’s something for everyone and it’s not like radio, it’s there for you whenever you feel like listening to it. Especially during lockdown we’ve seen many new podcasts pop up and radio channels better start doing something about it because digital audio is here to stay!

Let’s have a look at Google’s new tool: Audio Mixer. This is Google’s audio ad creation tool which lets you upload any type of audio file like music, sound effects and even voice and gives you everything you need to edit those and create a good audio campaign.

Google’s dynamic ads will also give advertisers more options to use Google’s machine-learning. If someone’s music app is running in the background, Google will serve them with an audio ad but if they actually had the music app open they would be seeing this as a video ad.

This sounds like a fun tool for us all to explore. Are you as excited as we are?

One of the updates worth talking about this month was some of the updates that are coming to the App campaigns.

There is now a new bid strategy to choose from, for your app campaigns, maximize conversions. The aim is to get the maximum amount of app installs within a short period based on your budget.

Google has also worked on the app campaign creation process and made it slightly easier for advertisers by making some changes to the image requirements.

There were many options, like sizes and dimensions, that were accepted as campaign creatives.

Now Google’s switching from size-based to ratio-based specifications, meaning it’s going to make things a lot easier for many advertisers.

Keen on Google?

Google has recently launched an experimental new platform called “Keen”. Similarities to Pinterest are being drawn due to the social discovery element of the new product from Area 120 and Pair at Google.

The idea behind this new tool is to create, curate and collaborate, with the message from the site that “Keen is a new way to curate, collaborate and expand your interests”. Personalised recommendations are then suggested through user feedback and the Google Search index.

If you’re “Keen” to be an early adopter then all you need to do is sign up with your Google account to get started.

Pinterest is Testing New Shopping Features

During May we’ve seen Pinterest roll out new updates for its shopping features, this month they’ve improved on that and adding a few more valuable updates to Pinterest shopping.

These updates have the same aim, to get more attention to product pins and therefore get business owners more sales through Pinterest.

Pinterest will now add ‘bestseller’ and ‘popular’ labels to product pins in order to show people what others are buying to get more attention to these pins, which is what a lot of the eCommerce websites do.

In addition to that, they will now show updated prices, so if a product is on sale Pinterest will show the new price as well as the old price.

They are also testing product ratings and shipping rates, so this information will be available when people click on the product pin. The product ratings will be pulled from retailers’ websites.

It looks like Pinterest will not only be for inspiration anymore, but we will actually be able to get valuable information on the products we are looking for.

It would be great to see how people make the most of these features. Pinterest is definitely worth keeping an eye on from now on, especially for online sellers.


We wrote about some of the updates that happened in the digital marketing world this month. Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. Which of these new features and tools will you be testing?

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