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Who is Ollie?

Ollie joined SocialB at the start of 2019 and comes from a strong background in influencer marketing on Instagram.  Don’t be fooled by his age, Ollie has been very busy, combining his love of fashion and entrepreneurship by starting his own small social media consultancy.

Although he describes himself as a “self-confessed perfectionist”, “driven” and “aspirational”, we would simply refer to him as our resident Richard Branson in the making. From going against the grain as a child; aspiring to be a business owner rather than the usual fireman, it is clear that his passion for business and success are in his DNA. There is no task too big, or goal out of reach for Ollie, and it is an infectiously refreshing frame of mind to see. With a core of business, matched up with a calm level head, Ollie has the right recipe for success.

When asked why Ollie picked SocialB as his place of work, he told us that the workplace and company are a great reflection of himself, one filled with opportunity, exploration and a sense of pride in what we do. It is the unification of a flat structure, alongside the encouragement of ideas and feedback from every colleague, with the promise of nothing but respect and full support, that Ollie admires about SocialB. It is the company’s ability to look beyond age, beyond structure, and see pure talent, enthusiasm and drive that has made SocialB a great fit for Ollie.