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Creating online video content can be a great way for promoting a company or business. Posting videos online means that a company can expand their social media presence by utilising a video platform alongside existing platforms, whilst also having the opportunity to be creative and versatile in the content that they produce. More and more businesses are turning to video to spread the word of their products and services but it’s important to consider the factors that can help to make for engaging and effective content. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Pick a topic and stick to it – Figure out exactly what it is you want to discuss and then consider all the points you want to make that relate to the topic in hand. Diverting away from the subject can leave viewers disengaged so make sure what you’re delivering is concise and relevant in order to keep your content as relevant and informative as possible.

Consider using text – As well as just the video itself, adding text to videos can be really effective to deliver information too. For example, you could reiterate your main points by supporting them with a brief summary or phrase appearing on the video. This aids the viewer to absorb and remember your key ideas, whilst also giving the video a polished and professional finish.

Smile!  –  If you are using a person to represent your business then it’s important to ensure that they are reflecting it with a positive and friendly nature. A smiling and warm approach makes all the difference, people will relate to the familiarity and personality of your content and a viewer is more likely to remember a happy and friendly face, meaning it will tempt them to come back each time you update and add new content.

Consider the length of your contentTiming with video content is key, it’s essential to find the balance between getting all the integral points across and the time it takes to deliver them. You don’t want to bore the viewer with lengthy videos as they will soon switch off, so bear in mind timings and keep your videos to the point and central to the topic.

Consider your setting – Where you film your content can really help to strengthen your brand image and personality, as well as reinforcing the friendly and welcoming nature of your content. For example, if your videos were involved in the food and dining industry, then you could pick a location to strengthen that image by filming in a café or restaurant. This will help people to remember your videos as well.

Keep your content fresh – Be wary of regurgitating points and ideas you may have said in previous content. Although it can sometimes seem difficult to avoid doing this, you can prevent it by always being on the look out for different and engaging ideas, or trying different methods and approaches as your content evolves.

Trial and error is good – the beauty of online video platforms such as YouTube is that you are free to experiment and play with different techniques to see what works for you. Take advantage of this and don’t be afraid to place your business within these communities – it can have fantastic results. It is also advantageous to be able to cross-reference between the various social media platforms your business may have, this will really help your online presence shine.


  1. Hi Kate – I read your piece on online videos with interest. One thing you don’t mention is how to take the video and the quality of the filming. I have a lot of toys that I would like to video in action, but not sure of the most economical way to do this. do you have any thoughts or advice?

    1. Hi Fazana

      Thank you for your questions.

      Obviously the quality of the filming is important. We would suggest a good quality video camera (you can get good ones for a couple of hundred pounds) with an external sound output, tripod and good natural light. Its very difficult to give detailed advice but try and keep it simple to begin with and build it from there.

      Good lukc Fazana

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