Why You Should Invest In A Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Strategy

Creating a digital and social strategy should be part of every company’s business plan in 2016, giving direction and purpose to your online and digital marketing activities.

A digital strategy is not as intimidating as it may sound, whilst a social strategy very often gives you the opportunity to bring some kind of order and reasoning to the often haphazard and chaotic world of social media.

It makes sense to develop both a digital and social plan together as one impacts on the other and will enable your business to deliver a joined up approach to social media, digital marketing and PR.

What Goes Into A Digital Strategy

This is simply a document outlining how your company should manage and develop the different digital aspects of your business from your website, both desktop and mobile to email and social media marketing, blogging and content creation to SEO and PPC advertising. It doesn’t need to cover everything in huge detail but should establish some general approaches and goals in these different areas and what you want to achieve in the coming year.

How To Put Together The Social Element

Although many businesses utilise social media marketing, a huge percentage continue to post and tweet randomly on social networks without a thought as to what they want to achieve and how to measure their efforts. You simply can’t move forward without knowing what you’re working toward and any social strategy should start with your company’s social media objectives and goals, followed by identifying your customers and what social media channels they are using.

Benefits Of A Digital and Social Media Strategy…

Spending time and money creating a strategy now has the advantage of giving you a path to follow and the ability to:-

  • Clearly, define goals and priorities
  • Set sales and marketing objectives
  • Allocate appropriate resources and roles
  • Determine a digital marketing budget and costs
  • Develop a social media policy
  • Plan how to measure your digital marketing
  • Learn from your successes/failures and how to move forward.

Social media and digital marketing is a fast moving world of technology and new ideas. This means that any digital strategy needs to be flexible and reviewed on a regular basis. Unlike a business strategy where you can have a 3-5 year plan to work towards, with the ever changing landscape of digital you need a different approach.

If you want to drive traffic, create a following, generate engagement and ultimately generate revenue then a digital and social strategy is an essential document for your business this year.

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