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Knowing about how to SEO (search engine optimisation) is key for any website, blog or images if you want it to be seen at the top of search engines through natural search results such as Google rather than paying.

People often think you have to pay thousands of pounds to get to position one of search engines like Google. This isn’t correct. It’s all about having an understanding and a structure in what you do online. This blog post shares with you how to SEO.

I don’t disagree that some parts of SEO can be complicated but for the main part and without a great deal of knowledge once you have a simple understanding of how to SEO you can build from there.

One thing I would mention that is really important is you need to review your SEO on a regular basis. Staying at the top of search engines for competitive key terms (keywords that lots of companies are trying to get to the top of google for) is an ongoing process. Its also very important that you set aside time each month to work on this area of your business.

The below are the very simple first steps in how to SEO to get you started:-


Whenever you add anything to the internet, be it a blog, a website page or an image you should always have a keyword (if you want the item to be optimised). If you are writing a blog or website page then you can have more than one but the more focused your keywords the better the results should be. To help you with finding your keywords you can use the free Google keyword tool.


Now you have your keyword(s) you should ensure this is used in your website URL, the title of the page and the description. Plus of course, the body of the article/page you are writing. If you are using images/video make sure these are labeled with the keyword included somewhere too. Be sure not to over use the keyword in your article/website page as this can do more harm than good in the eyes of Google. On top of this, I would look to create a keyword strategy for your website/blog – that way you have a plan for regular new content (which is key for how to SEO successfully).


Always try and link to another website which is relevant to the article/page. If I use this post as an example, I have linked the first paragraph link to Wikipedias explanation of Search engine optimisation . This will add relevance to your website from the search engines point of view. Ensure your word / phase that is linked is not the keyword you are trying to get to the top of search engines for – also make sure you have around 3 hyperlinks per 300 words (if a blog post or website page).

As mentioned above there are many other ways to help improve how to SEO your website but the above SEO tips give you the very basic knowledge of how to SEO and get your website listed well on search engines.

I hope you find my How to SEO useful. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask.

PS – It’s worth knowing that social media can (if used correctly) help drive traffic to your website – read about our top tips for Twitter for further information.

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